Toyota's Sports Car Chief Clarifies Where The Baby S-FR Could Sit In The Family Tree

One of the more seemingly production-ready concepts to emerge from the crazyfest that is the Tokyo Motor Show is the Toyota S-FR sports car. But with the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ already in the lineup, many have wondered if this sports car is destined to be its replacement. »10/28/15 8:20pm10/28/15 8:20pm

Mazda Confirms Their Sports Car Concept Will Have A New Rotary Engine Called 'SkyActiv-R'

The Tokyo Motor Show kicks off this week and all eyes are on Mazda, anticipating the sports car concept they’ve been teasing with a shadowy image for weeks now. And guess what? Despite our (completely justified) initial skepticism, the car will indeed have a rotary engine after all. Holy crap. »10/27/15 9:49am10/27/15 9:49am

Honda Will Have Three Adventure Bikes You'll Want And Also A Giant One 

You may have already heard about the 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin; an advanced dual sport motorcycle for riding from your house to your office to basically anywhere on Earth. Now Honda’s going all-out on that theme bringing another adventure bike to the US and “aggressively restyling” two more. »10/22/15 6:01pm10/22/15 6:01pm