This Is Our Country, Damn It! Chevy Trying To Play Some Oneupmanship On Toyota?

Am I the only one who thinks it may not be just a coincidence Chevrolet moved up the plant celebration of the start of production of the new 2007 Amerigasm Silverado to coincide with the press events going on down in San Antonio, Texas for the commencement of production of the new Toyota Tundra full-size truck? I'm… »11/16/06 9:16am11/16/06 9:16am

One, Two, Three, Four — Chevy Don't Want A Muscle Car War?

It's only day one of the muscle car wars, and already we're hearing about one of the pony-makers backing off. This is totally not what we wanted to hear as we get ready for the titans of Detroit to do battle like the Jets n' Sharks of old. To bring you up to speed, this morning the Chevy Camaro Dream Cruise trailer… »8/15/06 9:00pm8/15/06 9:00pm

The Muscle Car Wars Are On! Chrysler's Vines Fires A Salvo At Chevy PR Newbie Rhadigan

Looks like this Muscle Car "cold war" just turned hot — and just in time for the world's largest single-day classic car cruise. To recap — earlier today at a Chrysler Group press event, the PR peeps from Chevy made a point of letting the Chrysler folks know that they were stepping on the Generals turf by driving… »8/15/06 5:50pm8/15/06 5:50pm