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The Muscle Car Wars Are On! Chrysler's Vines Fires A Salvo At Chevy PR Newbie Rhadigan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Looks like this Muscle Car "cold war" just turned hot — and just in time for the world's largest single-day classic car cruise. To recap — earlier today at a Chrysler Group press event, the PR peeps from Chevy made a point of letting the Chrysler folks know that they were stepping on the Generals turf by driving their bowtied Camaro trailer past the event — almost goading the Chrysler Group into a West Side Story-like knife fight. And oh-ho-ho, it worked. The chief PR man from the German-American hybrid has stepped up to the plate with a comment, and he wants Chevy PR newbie Terry Rhadigan to know exactly where his little pony and Chevys little pony stand (or drive):

Response from "your boy": Yo! Notice the two Challengers, including the concept-to-be- production-in-08, drove into our event while the two Camaros had to be towed. And Mr. Rhadigan, I'll get you buddy!

-Jason Vines

Oh boy, we're totally taking bets for a concept car versus concept car drag race down Woodward Avenue at high noon this Saturday at the Dream Cruise. But since they're both concepts, stop light to stop light won't quite work, so we guess it'll be the first one to 50mph, or whichever motor falls first from the engine bay of the pony.

Of course FoMoCo could try to spoil with a Shelby 'stang. Anyone got Charlie Holleran's number out in Dearborn?


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