As close as you'll get to Dirt3 in real life

Take the most crowd-pleasing strains of modern automotive culture — rally cars, drifting, gymkhanas, the surreal settings of video games — splice them, wrap it all up for broadcast, and you have SPEED's newest effort: "Battle Cross." » 11/15/11 1:00pm 11/15/11 1:00pm

Speed to broadcast TV program you actually want to watch

Questionable programming decisions have made Speed the television network equivalent of bacon-flavored tampons. So it's news when they make a great choice like broadcasting the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercars race on October 8th. » 9/28/11 10:00am 9/28/11 10:00am

The Car Show cuts John Salley, 30 minutes

There's been a massive shake-up at SPEED TV's automotive variety program The Car Show with former NBA great and current TV not-so-great John Salley axed from the show, along with 30 minutes of the formerly hour-long program, as Jalopnik exclusively learned. Details below. » 9/24/11 2:40pm 9/24/11 2:40pm

The Car Show hosts transform into giant wieners for soapbox derby

In my dreams, I am an eagle, gliding above mountains and plains, diving for the silver flash of a salmon. In my nightmares, Dan Neil dons a hot-dog costume and shouts at me through a bullhorn. Here's a new clip of stuntwork from Adam Carolla's "The Car Show," due to be yanked from the hot wiener water this Wednesday… » 7/12/11 4:30pm 7/12/11 4:30pm

The Car Show ditches desk after Jalopnik readers complain [UPDATE: The…

The first promo video of The Car Show revealed a set clearly borrowed from Merv Griffin. Jalopnik readers made fun of it and now, as this exclusive photo shows, they've dropped the desk and replaced it with a bowling alley and, wait, wait, is that a sponsor's logo on the wall? I can't quite make it out.… » 7/07/11 3:30pm 7/07/11 3:30pm

Speed's "Car Warriors" sued by builder claiming show faked results

Speed TV's "Car Warriors" pits the show's hand-picked team of mechanics against a rotating cast of outsiders in a 72-hour challenge to rebuild a junker. Now one challenger has sued, saying the show cheated to ensure he lost. UPDATE » 3/28/11 12:00pm 3/28/11 12:00pm

The Racing Chef Is As Bad As Reality TV Gets

"Bacon and Reese Cups are a way to a big man's heart." This quintessential quote from a recent episode of Speed TV's "The Racing Chef" sums up everything about this sickening-in-more-ways-than-one NASCAR-centric cooking series. Wherefore art thou Speedvision? » 4/21/10 3:00pm 4/21/10 3:00pm

Forum Wars Prepares To Settle Online Mustang-vs-350Z Battle Once and…

You've read 10 billion bombastic claims on car forums, and it's all been pretty much meaningless… until now. "The Forum Wars" will take those claims and put them on the real-world race track. Check out the tire-smoking, smack-talking trailer! » 3/28/10 2:00pm 3/28/10 2:00pm

Car-Themed Pool Table Built For Will Castro

Hurricane Custom Billiards makes some of the wildest pool tables out there, including this just-completed car-themed table for Unique Whips star Will Castro. How much? Let's just say their off-the-shelf tables start at $35,000. » 7/27/09 8:45am 7/27/09 8:45am