The Car Show cuts John Salley, 30 minutes

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There's been a massive shake-up at SPEED TV's automotive variety program The Car Show with former NBA great and current TV not-so-great John Salley axed from the show, along with 30 minutes of the formerly hour-long program, as Jalopnik exclusively learned. Details below.


This sudden move shouldn't come as a surprise to viewers of the new program as Salley, despite his experience hosting a similar show in the past, didn't fit in with the other hosts. In fact, Salley was usually the butt of a joke, playing the role of the uninformed foil to the other three. Also, everyone knows car shows are supposed to have three hosts.


"I'm a little sad because I really like John; he's one of the coolest people I know," remaining member of the new triumvirate Matt Farah told Jalopnik. "But the network felt it was time for a change and that they really wanted the hosts to all be "experts," which everyone knows John is not."

Salley has been described as being alright with the whole thing. We don't blame him. He was ill-served by The Car Show.

The other major shift is what's being described as a "format change," with the remaining episodes being dropped to 30 minutes instead of the current hours. This will "trim the fat and the fluff" and shift the focus fully to cars and also extend the season to 15 episodes in order to occupy the same time.

This could be a reflection of the show's not particularly amazing ratings or just an honest realization that, as it currently stand, the show feels much longer than it should although we can't think of a many 30-minute variety shows that have been successful.


Unfortunately, in removing both Salley and half of each episode, The Car Show's producers have still failed to address the underlying problem as sources tell us they're still keeping the goddamn desk.


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They wanted the show to be all experts?