The Lost Rover: Project RDX60 Uncovered

Meanwhile, back at the former Rover plant in Longbridge, which had been idle since the former company's meltdown last year, Car magazine has uncovered the project formerly known as RDX60, a five-seat hatchback that would have squared off against the Euro Ford Focus and VW Golf. The once top-secret project is now just… » 11/22/06 10:25am 11/22/06 10:25am

Roewe, Roewe, Roewe, Your Rover in China

Having lost the rights to use the Rover name via some deft trademark swappery between BMW and Land Rover, Shanghai Auto is changing its brand strategy. The new owners of rights to build the erstwhile Rover 25 and 75 in China will do so under a new name and logo: Rowr! Roewe or, in Chinese, Rong Wei (I kid you not).… » 10/13/06 8:05am 10/13/06 8:05am