Barrett-Jackson: Robosaurus, Sells For $575,000, Promises Not To Eat Your Collector Cars

Robosaurus just sold in all of it's car-crunching amazingness, for a sale price of just $575,000 here at the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction and told the world he'd promise "not to eat any of your car collection." We remember seeing monster trucks at the Pontiac Silverdome in the 80's — but like most kids, the… »1/19/08 9:12pm1/19/08 9:12pm

Robosaurus To Be Auctioned Off At Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! See the fire-breathing Robosaurus auctioned off in Scottsdale! See the 40-foot tall metal monster move crush the crowded throngs of auction-goers! See the 20-foot long flames of fire engulf the entire auction facility in an inferno of epic proportions!

»10/12/07 11:46am10/12/07 11:46am

Well, at least the first line is true —…