Flame-Breathing Car-Crushing 'Robosaurus' Joins Texas IndyCar Weekend

There’s something about a 30-ton, 40-foot car-crushing robot dinosaur that’s bound to get our attention. Meet your new (old) friend Robosaurus. He’s back, and he may just be the most over-the-top trackside attraction I’ve ever seen.

Robosaurus will join the weekend festivities at Texas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and IndyCar double-header weekend on June 10-11, reports Fox Sports. In between races, you can watch cars meet their doom at the claws of Robosaurus.


TMS seems to have its own breed of ”look at this” and “holy crap, why?” antics, so Robosaurus is a natural fit. Of course they made and insane promo video to go with it. Enjoy.

Robosaurus can lift up to 4,000 lbs and has 28,000 lbs of biting force, per the attraction’s web site.

Best of all, Robosaurus sounds like the giant flame-breathing mecha suit that you’ve always wanted. A TMS spokesman explained the suit’s controls to Fox Sports:

The transforming T-Rex has life-like movements generated by a pilot that sits in the cockpit in the robot’s cranium. Each of the pilot’s arms is placed in a cuff-restraint system. When the pilot moves his arms and shoulders, Robosaurus’ arms and shoulders move as well. Finger controls open and close its claws while foot pedals steer the mechanical beast.


I think we all know what needs to happen next. Lap time?!

Here’s an up-close view of Robosaurus having a Chrysler snack at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction in 2010:

Robosaurus itself sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction for $575,000 in 2008.

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You mean Truckasaurus is real? When will the Simpsons stop predicting the future?