Why You Should've Been At One Of The Best American Rallies In Years

Not knowing whether the man you shook hands with three hours ago broke down in-transit from stage to stage or rolled into a ditch is a frightening situation. When you’re out on a stage with no cell service and no other informative resource, all you’re left to do is guess and assume the worst. »8/07/15 6:15pm8/07/15 6:15pm

No Pit Pass Required: Spectating Stage Rally Isn't Really That Bad

You might’ve read the recent Answer of the Day for the Ten Best Racing Series That Nobody’s Watching where Rally America was billed as number one. Some of you were offended. Others agreed. Well, I’m taking a stand and taking another stab at stage rally spectating to prove my point once and for all.… »7/02/15 1:36pm7/02/15 1:36pm

Watch This Team Swap A Subaru Engine In Less Than Three Hours

The Subaru Rally Team USA crew may have just a bit more experience with this than your usual NASIOC bros, but when one of their cars experienced engine woes at the Oregon Trail Rally, they got to work. Old engine out, new engine in. Here’s a time-lapse of a sub-three-hour engine swap for one of their Imprezas. »4/28/15 9:45am4/28/15 9:45am

Driving A Rally Stage With A Flat Tire Suuuuuuuuucks

All of those beautiful rally yumps and drifts rely on one crucial component: tires. When you have a busted tire, it makes everything completely miserable. Ride along with the Troy Motorsports Ford Fiesta R2 as it struggles to move in a straight line on the Scotia North stage of the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. »3/07/15 1:29pm3/07/15 1:29pm

Rumor Roundup: What The Hell Is Going On With American Rallying?

Could Rally America be kaput after January 1? That's what some rumblings around the Internet would have you think, although their release of a 2015 national championship schedule suggests otherwise. There's also the new United States Rally Association. How do they play into this? Let's take a look at the rumors. »12/29/14 7:45am12/29/14 7:45am

A Look Back At A Jalopnik Reader's First Rally America Championship

This year's Rally American Championship is coming to a close, but Jalopnik reader and Opponaut, Tennisguy187, regales us with a tale of his very first Rally America experience back in 2012. Oh, and the pictures are really cool too (even if he does think he's a bit too awkward next to his idols). »10/05/14 1:08pm10/05/14 1:08pm

Launch Control: New England Forest Rally and GRC NYC!

Summer is in full swing in the forests of New England, and this weekend the border country between New Hampshire and Maine is filled with rally cars. David Higgins and Craig Drew of Subaru Rally Team USA are on a mission. A fourth consecutive Rally-America Championship title is within their grasp. They will have to… »8/06/14 11:54am8/06/14 11:54am