Driving A Rally Stage With A Flat Tire Suuuuuuuuucks

All of those beautiful rally yumps and drifts rely on one crucial component: tires. When you have a busted tire, it makes everything completely miserable. Ride along with the Troy Motorsports Ford Fiesta R2 as it struggles to move in a straight line on the Scotia North stage of the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. » 3/07/15 1:29pm 3/07/15 1:29pm

A Ride In Subaru's 2015 WRX STI Rally Car Is Pure, Undistilled Elation

I recently had the chance to drive the 2014 Subaru WRX STI Rally America car, and I thought I went really fast. But later that day, I rode with David Higgins in his brand new 2015 open class WRX STI. I did not drive fast, and my face still hurts from how much I smiled. » 1/26/15 9:35pm 1/26/15 9:35pm

Driving Subaru's WRX STI Rally Car Will Melt Every Part Of Your Brain

Rallying is a nuanced art. It takes years of training to get to the level where you can drive an open class car like this Subaru WRX STI with a sequential gearbox and 500 pound feet of torque. But I didn't have years of training. I had hours. And driving it has warped my brain forever. » 1/26/15 12:45pm 1/26/15 12:45pm

Rumor Roundup: What The Hell Is Going On With American Rallying?

Could Rally America be kaput after January 1? That's what some rumblings around the Internet would have you think, although their release of a 2015 national championship schedule suggests otherwise. There's also the new United States Rally Association. How do they play into this? Let's take a look at the rumors. » 12/29/14 7:45am 12/29/14 7:45am

A Look Back At A Jalopnik Reader's First Rally America Championship

This year's Rally American Championship is coming to a close, but Jalopnik reader and Opponaut, Tennisguy187, regales us with a tale of his very first Rally America experience back in 2012. Oh, and the pictures are really cool too (even if he does think he's a bit too awkward next to his idols). » 10/05/14 1:08pm 10/05/14 1:08pm

Launch Control: New England Forest Rally and GRC NYC!

Summer is in full swing in the forests of New England, and this weekend the border country between New Hampshire and Maine is filled with rally cars. David Higgins and Craig Drew of Subaru Rally Team USA are on a mission. A fourth consecutive Rally-America Championship title is within their grasp. They will have to… » 8/06/14 11:54am 8/06/14 11:54am

Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally This Weekend!

If you live near Pennsylvania and are free this weekend you should go check out the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in Wellsboro, PA. The rally starts tomorrow and runs through saturday evening. Check out their site for spectator details, grab your friends, and road trip to a rally. » 5/29/14 1:07pm 5/29/14 1:07pm

The Month in Rally: June 2014

Ah, June. The magical time of year when Canada and Michigan's Upper Peninsula finally thaw enough for residents to leave their log cabins and take up nobler, more exciting pursuits. By which I of course mean the annual moose rodeo and maple cook-off. Or, for those who are allergic to being trampled to death, rally.… » 5/23/14 2:10pm 5/23/14 2:10pm

Where's Rally? A Map of All 2014 North American Stage Rallies

One of the complaints I hear most often from aspiring rally fans is the all too common "there's no events near me!" While this is certainly true for some (sorry, Texas!) in many places there's a rally within a few hours drive that people simply don't know about. For example, all you Californians! Did you know your… » 4/21/14 3:37pm 4/21/14 3:37pm

New England Forest Rally: Speed and Stone

With the Ojibwe Rally just a week away, we're taking this opportunity to drop our complete coverage from Round 5 on you: The New England Forest Rally. If you want to see America's only stage rally Toyota GT-86, or hear the tale of Ken Blockenheimers broken alternator, this is your must-watch video of the day. » 8/15/13 4:25pm 8/15/13 4:25pm