Perhaps The Greatest BMW E30 Ever: Prickstine!

The 24 Hours of LeMons has a way of making otherwise-normal racers eyeball a BMW, then pick up the cutting torch and the 5-gallon bucket-o-Bondo. Longtime Jalopnik reader LTDScott has turned the already awesome "Pricks Outside" Porcubimmer into… ChriPrickstine! » 5/08/10 10:00am 5/08/10 10:00am

So, What About The Porcubimmer?

We followed the exploits of LTDScott and his Team Porcubimmer during the run-up to the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Altamont, and some of you are probably wondering how it went for the "Pricks Outside" guys when the real deal went down. Well, we have good news and bad news for you: the good news is that the car looked » 5/14/08 5:20pm 5/14/08 5:20pm

How Many Tecates Did Team Porcubimmer Swill? Closest Guess Wins A Team …

When you spend all your spare time for months beating a sub-$500 car into a 24 Hours of LeMons racer, you develop a powerful thirst. Team Porcubimmer decided early on in their build that their thirst would be quenched exclusively by those red cans from Mexico, and then they decided that the smell of stale beer in the… » 5/06/08 3:00pm 5/06/08 3:00pm