Everything That's Beautiful About The Ferrari Enzo

A few days ago we asked you about the details of the new LaFerrari. Now, it's time to take another look at its predecessor. Some say the words "beautiful" and "Enzo" should not be in the same sentence. I believe it only takes time to see the genius in Pininfarina's design. » 3/21/13 2:13pm 3/21/13 2:13pm

Sergio Pininfarina, Former Ferrari Design Chief, Dead At 85

It's been a busy year for passing automotive legends. Not long after the passing of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and Carroll Shelby, Sergio Pininfarina, a man known for brilliant coach design over the past five decades, died in Torino at the age of 85 on Tuesday. » 7/03/12 11:15am 7/03/12 11:15am

Italian Exotic Carmaker De Tomaso For Sale

When we heard the latest offering from beloved-but-never-great Italian automaker was relaunching with a crossover we said they'd be "better off dead." Looks like we got our wish. The automaker is in the process of liquidation and looking for partners. » 5/11/12 9:00am 5/11/12 9:00am

The Pininfarina Cambiano Trades Style For Technology

Quattroruote, the same Italian magazine that leaked shots of Lamborghini's SUV, has now dropped the official photos of Pininfarina's three-door diesel-turbine-hybrid concept car, the Cambiano, that we were supposed to see at the Geneva Motor Show next week. » 2/28/12 1:30pm 2/28/12 1:30pm

Ribbons Tease The Pininfarina Cambiano

Pininfarina describes the Cambiano as a "luxury environment-friendly sport sedan" which likely means that it's a) going to be either a plug-in hybrid or full-electric b) it's going to have four doors and c) it's going to be super sexy. The Italian design house knows how to make a nice concept car. » 1/13/12 3:30pm 1/13/12 3:30pm