This Is The New World Record For The Tightest Reverse Parallel Parking Job

The previous world record for reverse parallel parking has been shattered. Before this week, the record stood at a combined 35 centimeters between the car and the vehicles front and behind, a yawning chasm large enough to sail the entire Nimitz-class aircraft carrier fleet, ten cruise ships, and, of course, YO MOMMA… »11/13/15 12:43pm11/13/15 12:43pm


More Cities Are Blocking the App That Helps You Fight Parking Tickets

Parking tickets suck. Sometimes, you break the law and you deserve it. But other times, signs are missing or incorrect, so you end up with a fine for nothing. That’s why Fixed released an app last year that helped your fight the tickets in court. Some city governments aren’t having it. »10/15/15 8:30pm10/15/15 8:30pm

Woman Takes Picture Of Asshole Parking Job, Ends Up In Jail In UAE

Based on what happened here, if Jalopnik was based in the United Arab Emirates, we’d be the only automotive website to be run from prison. That’s because a woman who took a picture of a some asshole’s car who parked across two disabled spaces and posted it on Facebook was thrown in jail for “writing bad words.” Ugh. »7/15/15 6:00pm7/15/15 6:00pm

2015 'Best Places To Park' List Is Causing Massive Freakouts, Riots

Last week, the International Parking Institute announced their 2015 Seven ‘Best Places to Park’ list, and the highly controversial results are sending shockwaves through an industry that is no stranger to drama, danger, and massive volatility. We at Jalopnik would like to issue a plea for calm and reason in the… »7/09/15 8:30pm7/09/15 8:30pm

Ultimate-Level BMW Asshat Double Parks, Takes Bat To Pickup Truck

It’s easy to think that the field of parking lot-inspired dickshittery is stagnating. What real innovations have you seen lately? Well, I’m happy to say that impressive work is still being done, as evidenced by this remarkable triumph of awful parking and juvenile vandalism, perpetrated by a self-absorbed jackass.… »6/25/15 1:08pm6/25/15 1:08pm

What People Do With Old Cars In Russia Is Nothing Short Of Evil Genius

If you’ve got a nice, fancy Mercedes-Benz SUV, you’ve got to save two parking spots for it. I mean, you just HAVE TO, obviously. And what better way to do that then to make sure you’ve always got a spare crappy beater around, primed and ready to go to take up two spots once you’ve driven off? »6/23/15 9:35pm6/23/15 9:35pm

This Could Be The Cure For Endlessly Looking For Parking In Cities

One of my favorite statistics ever is that 30 percent of drivers in cities are circling the block to find parking. The traffic data nerds at Inrix thinks it’s found the solution, snagging data from a host of sources to create a heat map of where to find open spaces, and it’s coming to BMW later this year.
»6/03/15 3:50pm6/03/15 3:50pm

Here’s How To Deal With Someone Parking In Front of Your Driveway

I recently had an epiphany. Not a small epiphany, either, like the kind you get when you think there's no food in the house, and you're about to start eating notebook paper, and then you discover a lone bag of popcorn in the back of your pantry. I mean a real epiphany, like when you realize there's an eye in the… »1/15/15 3:30pm1/15/15 3:30pm

This Italian Parking Fiasco Video Is Too Good To Be True, Right?

I'll be honest with you, readers, because you're the only ones I really trust: I love a good fiasco. I mean, if something's going to go wrong, I love a nice avalanche of wrong to really settle things. And it should end with a parade, or maybe a dead horse. This video of a guy trying to park a Fiat 500 comes shockingly… »11/24/14 8:30pm11/24/14 8:30pm