Mazda Kiyora Concept Shows Off Fierce Nagare Design Language On The Paris Show Floor

We saw the first official press shots of the Mazda Kiyora »10/02/08 5:00pm10/02/08 5:00pm earier this morning, but we dug the flowing so much we had to hunt it down on the show floor and check it out in the flesh. As you can tell from these live shots, it certainly didn't disappoint and Mazda seriously needs to figure out a way to bring these…

Mazda Kiyora Concept To Debut At Paris Motor Show; More Nagare Styling, Anyone?

Not content to debut just the freshly face-lifted 2009 Mazda MX-5 »9/04/08 11:20am9/04/08 11:20am at the Paris Motor Show, Mazda will also be showing off it's latest iteration of the design language via the Mazda Kiyora Concept. The "urban compact concept car" features not just the swoopy design style, but also a four-cylinder direct-injection…

Mazda Kazamai Brings "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom" To Moscow Auto Salon

We've showed you first shots of the Mazda Kazamai Concept »8/26/08 8:30am8/26/08 8:30am, but here's more of the "" vehicle Mazda is showing off at this year's Moscow Auto Salon. Mazda revealed the concept crossover to give the Russian market — one of the few in which SUVs are rapidly growing in popularity — a look at where the company plans to…

Mazda Kazamai To Show Off Swirling Crosswinds In Moscow

In the spirit of "sustainable zoom-zoom" — their words, not ours — Mazda has finally revealed the Kazamai, the mystery compact crossover bowing at the Moscow International Auto Salon August 26. Kazamai means "swirling crosswinds," and if you think you're seeing a heaping helping of Nagare design language, you're… »7/15/08 8:30am7/15/08 8:30am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Mazda RX8 Officially Unveiled

Not that it's a surprise to anybody, but the new RX-8 looks a lot like the preview shots we brought you earlier. Shown in a very Subaru shade of blue, the RX-8 is in fact destined for an update. Most of the changes happen in the nose with slightly revised headlights, a new grill treatment, the hood has a bigger rotary… »1/14/08 3:37pm1/14/08 3:37pm

Detroit Auto Show: Up Close and Personal with the 2008 Mazda Furai

We just can't get enough of the 2008 Mazda Furai concept. We brought you preview pics, video, and live floor shots. That's all well and good, but thanks to some overzealous designers, we now have pictures showing off the whole enchilada. Engine bay, interior, detailed close ups... we want it; we want it bad.

»1/14/08 1:55pm1/14/08 1:55pm

Crappy Newsletter Gets Us Pumped For Exciting Detroit Auto Show Unveils

It's a wonder we were actually able to suck any information out of this newsletter from the 2008 North American International Auto Show. Despite the gratuitous use of overlapping words, photos and colored boxes, we were able to focus on the text long enough to figure out there's some info on the unveilings we can… »10/24/07 9:30am10/24/07 9:30am

Flow: Mazda to Introduce New Design Concept in Los Angeles

Mazda says it's planning to show off a new concept car for the Los Angeles show — and offers the above teaser image to whet our appetites for instruction. The Nagare, it says, will offer the first hints of the brand's next design direction to be pursued in the styling of future vehicles. Dig the master-class art… »11/15/06 7:36am11/15/06 7:36am