Illustration for article titled Mazda Kiyora Concept Shows More Nagare Styling; Why Won’t They Just Build One Already?

The Mazda Kiyora, revealed today at the Paris Motor Show, is the latest in a long line of Nagare-style concept cars. In fact, there’s been so many of them, Mazda hasn’t even bothered saying much about this one, other than that it’s some sort of eco-friendly city car. The company hints the 1.3-liter DISI engine under the hood could soon be seen in a production model, but gives us no word on when this style influence will find its way to production vehicles. Full press release, for what it's worth, below the jump.

Mazda Kiyora – The Eco-Friendly City Car Mazda Kiyora is a small, friendly concept car designed to meet the needs of young urbanites and indicates the direction Mazda could take with a car this size in the future – especially in terms of technology. It features components that are being developed at Mazda for use in the near future – like a next-generation 1.3-litre DISI* engine, a new automatic transmission, and a rigid and lightweight bodyshell for very high fuel efficiency and low emissions. Kiyora’s design supports these technologies with aesthetic features that are expressive of the water theme yet highly functional.

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