LeMons Hood Scoop Of The Day: Mustang II License Plate Special

After a long day of 24 Hours Of LeMons BS inspections, we knocked off for the day when it got too dark to see those "junkyard" Bilstein shocks or "Katrina flood cars." Out of the 76 cars that will be racing tomorrow, we probably got through 45; the others weren't... quite... ready... yet (cue sounds of Sawzalls,… »10/17/08 11:45pm10/17/08 11:45pm

1976 Ford Mustang II Converted To Mid-Engined Nightmare

The never ending smörgåsbord of awesome and terrifying projects that is eBay Motors leads us to a steaming heap of horror today with this very uniquely modified 1976 Ford Mustang II. The poster child for the malaise era, this particular 2.3L terror began its transformation to a mid-engined beast way back in 1978 and… »5/08/08 4:40pm5/08/08 4:40pm

Project Car Hell, South Carolina Edition: GT6 or 429 Mustang II?

The completely indecipherable photograph and PCH Superpower heritage of the '48 Morris Minor truck were the winning combination when it came to beating the 89-year-old Dodge in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll. Today we're going with a regional theme, because the last time we had two vehicles from the same… »3/26/08 5:15pm3/26/08 5:15pm