Project Car Hell, South Carolina Edition: GT6 or 429 Mustang II?

The completely indecipherable photograph and PCH Superpower heritage of the '48 Morris Minor truck were the winning combination when it came to beating the 89-year-old Dodge in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll. Today we're going with a regional theme, because the last time we had two vehicles from the same American region was when we had the PCH Philadelphia Edition, and that's just too long. Today we're looking at some high-quality project material from the state where the Civil War began: South Carolina! Thanks (and a PCH Tipster T-shirt) go to Ktek01 for these tips!


The Triumph Spitfire has good Hell Potential, of course, but it's just too slow to be cool enough. But when you go for the GT6... now you're talking! So head on down to Columbia and pick up this 1971 Triumph GT6 (go here if the ad disappears) for just one thousand dollars. That seems pretty cheap, doesn't it? Well, some negative-minded folks might read the part of the car's description that reads "car has set for 23 years" and flee in terror... but you're not like that or you wouldn't be here! Really, storing a British Leyland car in a pine forest in the Deep South is much like storing a good bottle of wine in a temperature-controlled cellar... except for the constant rain, temperature extremes, and critters making nests in the upholstery, that is. But the engine turns over by hand, so a tiny portion of the battle is already won!

Is there any American vehicle that can possibly stack up against a British Leyland sports car in a PCH challenge? Yes! You say you've always admired the Boss 429 Mustang, but those numbers-matching, Barrett-Jackson schmucks have pushed the price up too high to even contemplate one for your own project? You just need to expand your definition of eligible Mustangs, is all, and you can start by looking at this 1974 Mustang II with 429 Police Interceptor engine (go here if the ad disappears). Someone has managed to fit several acres of 429 into what amounts to a Pinto engine compartment, and you even get a tough 9" rear with 4.11 gears as part of the package. It looks like some work is needed here, but if, by some miracle when you finish the project you'll have the most badass Malaisemobile in your time zone. Imagine the respect you'll get using your Boss 429 Mustang II as a daily driver (that is, if you can survive past the first week after you get it on the road)!

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