I’d kill myself on one of those

I can remember most of my life saying “I’d kill myself on one of those” as I’d look at a Ducati thunder past. But I’d still stare, longingly as one would pass because of the allure, the perfectly sculpted of the red panels, the throaty rhythmic melody of a glorious V-Twin. Hell, even the ability to pin the throttle… » 7/22/15 7:20pm 7/22/15 7:20pm

Everything You Learn Fixing A $300 Craiglist Bike From Hell

Yes, folks, I bought a $300 motorcycle off Craigslist. It was a risky move, and one that required nearly an entire year worth of wrenchin’. It was a trying ordeal, and I wouldn’t recommend it to the faint-of-heart, but what I learned from this junker I wouldn’t trade for the world. » 7/13/15 12:20pm 7/13/15 12:20pm

Greg Hancock is a goddamned hero. Chris Cantle is not.

This lunatic is 44-year-old Greg Hancock. He's a Motorcycle Speedway world champion three times over. Last year, he had his left hand sucked into a competitor's rear tire. During a race. At speed. Because he's more man than should be possible by evolutionary standards, he missed one race, then got back to kicking his… » 3/11/15 12:42pm 3/11/15 12:42pm