Even The Lamborghini Miura's Tires Scream Speed

This 1972 car did not win any prize at the Concorso. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a spectacular sight. Being one of the only two Miuras painted azzurro cielo and sporting a pelle bleu interior, this SV left the factory on the 14th of July, 1972, and headed to Lamborghini Great Britain. » 5/29/13 4:40pm 5/29/13 4:40pm

The Lamborghini Miura SV Destroyed By Fire Will Live To Drive Again

This is a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV with a built-in fire extinguisher under the lucky passenger's legs, as it should be with every Italian supercar. But not all SVs have the last line of defense. » 5/28/13 1:15pm 5/28/13 1:15pm

Tehranopnik: The Cars And Car Culture Of Iran

Home to a disputed election, 70 million people and twice as many barrels of cheap oil, Iran has cars aplenty. Meet Paykans, Miniators and Italian exotica—plus the gutsy female drivers of the Islamic Republic. » 6/18/09 4:30pm 6/18/09 4:30pm

Marvelous Lambo Miura Film with Crashes and Scantily-Clad Brides

French filmmaker Richard Fabrice's short film "lamborghini" is three minutes of utter magnificence and no, it's not because of the scantily-clad young lady writhing on a Miura SV's trunk in a thoroughly European wedding dress. » 3/26/09 6:20pm 3/26/09 6:20pm