Missing Restricted Military Gear Keeps Popping Up for Sale on eBay

This Restomod Army Truck Is The Cleanest And Coolest 'Deuce And A Half'

M35 "deuce and a half" army trucks are surprisingly easy to come by. If you can't find one rotting in some farmer's field, there are always a handful selling cheap at auctions. But I've never seen one re-imagined as beautifully as this. » 3/12/15 11:38am 3/12/15 11:38am

Here's What Lockheed Martin's New Laser Gun Does To An Old Ford Pickup

The engine of this old Ford F-150 was surgically blasted to oblivion from more than a mile away by a 30-kilowatt fiber laser weapon system called ATHENA made by security and aerospace outfit Lockheed Martin. ...Yikes. » 3/05/15 1:46pm 3/05/15 1:46pm

So NYC's SWAT Trucks End Up On Ebay Like Every Other Weird Rustbucket

What's weirder; that some dude outside Philly is hocking this "straight-out-of-Twisted-Metal" beater SWAT truck or that the NY/NJ Port Authority is the former owner? Also, "no tire kickers." » 2/02/15 9:27am 2/02/15 9:27am

This Is How They Trim Trees In Africa

This Kenyan Air Force Northrop F-5 Tiger II does an extremely low, high speed pass effectively removing any excess branches from the trees and putting on a good show in the process. It has yet to be confirmed if permission was granted to buzz the tower. » 1/19/15 4:00am 1/19/15 4:00am

World's Oldest Airworthy Jet Returns To America

This North American F-86A Sabre built in 1948 is back on U.S. soil after a 22 year hiatus in Europe. The airplane is the only surviving "A" model rescued from a scrap yard in the '70s and is the oldest flying jet in the world. » 12/18/14 2:00pm 12/18/14 2:00pm

Here's What People Paid For The First Publicly Sold Surplus Humvees

The first-ever public auction of 25 legit, real-deal, US military Humvees is done, and a frenzy of bidders have set the precedent for the price of "a decent looking HMMWV with 5,000 t0 30,000 miles." » 12/18/14 10:42am 12/18/14 10:42am

Military Will Finally Sell You A Surplus Humvee Starting At $10,000

Starting December 17, 2014 the general public will able to buy trucks from a surplus of "as many as 4,000 Army Humvees" being shifted out of government service. Bidding starts at $10,000, and the 20-year-old-trucks look like they're in good shape with low miles. There are a couple catches though. » 12/16/14 12:43pm 12/16/14 12:43pm

The Story Of The Ultimate High Flying Beer Run

Normandy, 70 years ago, and one of the biggest concerns of the British troops who have made it over the channel, survived the landings and pushed out into the bocage against bitter German resistance is not the V1 flying bomb blitz threatening their families back home, nor the continued failure to capture the port of… » 12/11/14 9:29am 12/11/14 9:29am

Chinese Lego Knockoff Boldly Markets 'Terrorist Car' Kit

Xinlexin Electronic Toys' Lego-like line called "Gudi," (even the logo is cribbed) has tons of warfighter-themed sets, including this bearded fellow and his "Terrorist Air Car." I guess it makes sense to give your peacekeeping pieces somebody to fight, but somehow I feel like this would not fly in America. » 12/11/14 7:25pm 12/11/14 7:25pm

Syrian Rebels Put A Tank Turret On A Work Truck And Used It In Combat

This small tray-back cargo truck was reportedly fitted with the gun turret off a Russian war machine called a Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty (BMP) by the Free Syrian Army. As you can see in this video, it seems to actually work. » 12/08/14 2:00pm 12/08/14 2:00pm

The Military Used To Drop Troops Behind Enemy Lines With Gliders

These one-time use, engineless aircraft would be towed in pairs near to the front lines of battle carrying troops or supplies to bolster advancing forces. Released high above the opposing forces, pilot's would practically crash land into enemy territory abandoning the lame craft as they joined the action. » 11/25/14 10:40pm 11/25/14 10:40pm

Why You Should Hit A Deer With Your Porsche 993 RSR

Sometimes, life throws inconveniences at you. You can deal with it by either passing the problem to someone else, or applying a dose of common sense, a heaping of elbow grease, and take care of it. » 11/14/14 11:20am 11/14/14 11:20am

Watch The Inspiring American Off-Road Adventure Of These Two Veterans

"Now I know why they call it The Last Frontier," said Kevin McMahon, surveying the Alaskan wilderness from a helicopter. He and David Guzman picked up a Nissan Titan, heavily modified with parts picked out by Nissan's Facebook fans, and headed into the bush for an incredible adventure. » 11/11/14 11:35am 11/11/14 11:35am

How To Pop Start A C-130 Hercules

So you're firing up the 'ole Herk and one of the four Allison turbo prop engines won't turn over due to a sheared starter. You've got 2 choices to get things going in the event that a repair is not an option. Both choices are equally awesome. » 10/29/14 7:43pm 10/29/14 7:43pm

The A-7 Corsair II Finally Takes Its Last Flight After 49 Years

Last week, defense journalist Giovonni Colla spent some time in Greece at Araxos Air Base to capture what would be a bittersweet moment in the history of combat aviation – the retirement of the humble, but incredibly effective, Ling-Temco-Vought A-7 Corsair II. Though it's better known as the SLUF. » 10/27/14 5:26pm 10/27/14 5:26pm

Your Truck Doesn't Compare To This M35A2 'Deuce And A Half'

Jalopnik reader, Opponaut, and legal eagle Steve Lehto takes a break from dispensing legal advice and relating awful stories of questionable wheeling and dealing to introduce us to the biggest vehicle he's ever owned: a 13,500 pound monster known as the M35A2 'Deuce and a Half.' He may have only paid $4,500 for it,… » 10/11/14 2:56pm 10/11/14 2:56pm

Here's Everything We Know About The Airstrikes Against ISIS Inside Syria

Last night, the US and numerous coalition partners launched airstrikes against ISIS targets within Syria itself for the first time. It marked a major escalation in the crisis not only militarily, but also diplomatically, and now everything's a lot more complicated. Here's what we know. » 9/23/14 12:00pm 9/23/14 12:00pm

USAF's Dubious Priorities Result In Axing Of F-15 Aggressor Squad

For the last few years, the Pentagon's budget blade has been looming over the 65th Aggressor Squadron, the USAF's F-15 unit that are masters at mimicking large enemy fighters like the Su-27. Sadly, the days of F-15s flying in the adversary role are coming to an end as the unit will be shuttered this month. » 9/14/14 1:13pm 9/14/14 1:13pm

California police chase 75-year-old dude in military surplus truck

Yep. An unnamed 75-year-old led the Huntington Beach Police Department on a merry chase at around 10 mph through town yesterday night. When the driver finally stopped, officers gave him a failure to yield citation and let him go about his business.

Like I needed more proof that California really is just like GTA. Read… » 9/10/14 3:02pm 9/10/14 3:02pm