Martin Eberhard Is Out At Tesla Motors, And Whitestar Electric Sedan Dead on Arrival

So we may have been a little bit late to the table with the news that Martin Eberhard is out like a dead bulb as CEO of Tesla Motors, everyone's favorite electric car company that's not yet delivered any electric cars. We did report they'd installed Ze'ev Drori as the new CEO, so we guess we brought something to the… »12/07/07 4:45pm12/07/07 4:45pm

Tesla Motors Founder Martin Eberhard Out As CEO, Electric Roadster Possibly Delayed?

Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard's just been "sacked." Well, sorta anyway — in as much as it's possible to "sack" the founder and CEO of your company. Also in as much as it's possible to do it in a way that has your CEO actively trying to not be in the position anymore. In a move that feels very Bill Ford-ian,… »8/13/07 6:34am8/13/07 6:34am