Tesla Founder Would Drive a Chevy Volt

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We've heard numbers, seen the commercial, heard about production and seen the live pictures, but the idea of the Volt being the real deal remains questionable to a lot of industry observers. Definitely not Martin Eberhard, however. Tesla's founder and former bossman is a believer.


In a post on the "Tesla Founders Blog," Eberhard was quick to throw his full support behind the alleged electric wonder known as the Chevy Volt. He continues to praise the vehicle, its chief evangelist Bob Lutz and all of the technology involved in the conceptual design of the car, especially the battery. And yes, Eberhard did indeed say that he would drive a Volt if it were available today. Nevertheless, the original posting on the Tesla Founders Blog was quickly removed. Fret not: Google has done its job saving the cache and making it available for the world to ponder and/or mock. [Google Cache via GM Insider News]


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

I'd drive a Volt. First I'd take out the poofy electric motor and install a gas turbine out of an Abrams M1A1. Then I'll drive around looking for endangered wildlife to run over.

That's more likely to happen then a Volt actually making a difference to the greenhouse effect.