Liam Neeson Takes Out A Plane With A Porsche In Taken 3

I'm not sure what's the best part of this new Taken 3 trailer. No wait, yes I do. It's when Liam Neeson uses a 911 to take out a plane's landing gear. » 9/30/14 3:35pm 9/30/14 3:35pm

If You Take Liam Neeson's Wife He Will Shoot At You From A Car

Why do people keep kidnapping Liam Neeson's loved ones? Seriously. Play the odds on this. Dude killed a bear and joined the A-Team to save his daughter in Taken 1 and now you're going to try and kidnap his wife? Bad move guy who looks like Anthony Hopkins but probably isn't. » 6/22/12 10:00am 6/22/12 10:00am

REPORT: Liam Neeson To Play "Hannibal" Smith In "A-Team" Movie

Yes! The A-Team movie's coming and thanks to the possible casting addition of Liam Neeson as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, it should be less campy. We love it when a plan comes together! » 6/09/09 4:00pm 6/09/09 4:00pm