A-Team Remake in The Works, Fools Sure To Be Pitied

Given the buzz surrounding Knight Rider and Speed Racer, we're surprised we haven't seen more people flipping out over the possible reamke of The A-team. Fox seems to get that nostalgia plus questionable acting equals buzz and has John Singleton (Boyz N The Hood) in the wings to direct. Oh, and Ice Cube may play B.A. Baracas!


According to Variety, the latest version involves a group of Iraq vets on the run from the U.S. Military for crimes they didn't commit ("that wasn't our naked pyramid"). But the line that has us really excited is this:

"[The] story has been given a modern twist by involving oil tycoons and laser technology."

Need we say more?

The big question, of course, is it going to be a classic GMC van, a new GMC Sierra or, as our tipster put it "will Ford usurp the General's place in yet another 80's revival?" We actually think the Ford Flex could make a good ride if they're going in that direction. What does everyone think?(Hat tip to ThnderbltDoherty) [Photo of A-Team Limo story Variety]


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