This Is The Air-Powered Lego Car You've Always Wanted

Every now and then, we get cars from Legoland and they're just like a Ford Explorer made of Legos or something boringly practical like that. Sometimes there's amazing stuff like a Unimog made of Legos, but you can't exactly fit inside that. Thankfully, some people have made a life-sized car out of Legos and it just… »12/19/13 9:00am12/19/13 9:00am

How to build a scale model of your childhood dream car with Legos

When he was a kid, Luca Rusconi's father took him to the 1975 Italian Grand Prix, where Ferrari engineers escorted him into the pits and showed him the car Niki Lauda drove to a world title the next day. 34 years later, Rusconi designed a scale replica virtually and built it with Legos. Here's how. — Ed. »2/16/11 12:45pm2/16/11 12:45pm