Watch a full-size Ford Explorer built out of 380,000 Legos

The Ford Explorer, the ex-SUV crossover that started the soccer mom trend, has now been reinvented in 382,858 Lego bricks for a new partnership between Legoland and Ford. Watch this amazing time-lapse video of the epic build, Lego-by-Lego.


There's a very unique Ford Explorer debuting at FoMoCo's Chicago Assembly Plant today. Although it looks similar to a real Ford Explorer, it's actually built entirely out of hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks. The special Explorer marks the beginning of a long-term alliance between Ford and the Legoland Florida theme park. After the vehicle makes its way to the theme park just outside Orlando, it will be featured in front of one of the park's attractions, the Ford Driving School for children.

While the two may look amazingly similar on the surface, there are quite a few differences between the Ford Explorer crossover and the imaginative Legoland Florida Explorer.

For example, while the Ford Explorer is made with 2,500 parts, the Legoland Florida Explorer is made with 382,858 Legos. Also, the Ford Explorer is built by 2,500 employees at Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant, while the Legoland Florida Explorer was made in Connecticut by 22 employees over about 2,500 hours.

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Both, however, are very heavy. The Legoland Florida Explorer weighs in at 2,654 lbs., almost half the girth of a real Ford Explorer (4,503 lbs).


Still, as you can see — it looks pretty damn close to the real thing, don't it? But I'll only be really interested when this partnership turns into either a full-size Lego Raptor or a "Bullitt" Mustang playset complete with exploding Dodge Charger.


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Who here would rather build full sized replicas of cars out of Legos for a living than what they do now?

*Raises hand*