Lamborghini LP700-4: 700 HP, V12-Powered Murcielago Replacement

According to a self-identified participant in a Lamborghini preview, the upcoming LP700-4 is the Murcielago replacement we've been calling Jota. It'll offer a 700-hp V12, a carbon-fiber body, sub-3.0-second 0-to-62 mph time, and hit 217 mph. » 11/01/10 9:30am 11/01/10 9:30am

Lamborghini Bringing Two New Models To Paris

According to a leaked Lamborghini meeting agenda, two models are headed for a Paris reveal: the "LB715-5″ (the V12-powered Jota) and the mysterious "83X." This 83X could be a Gallardo-replacement (i.e. the V10-implying teaser image), Estoque, SUV, Baby Lambo... [0-60Mag] » 9/17/10 2:00pm 9/17/10 2:00pm

Lamborghini Jota: What To Expect

These days, when a new car's more powerful than the one it replaces, the advantage is usually limited by an increase in weight. Not the Lamborghini Jota, the bull-headed brand's Murciélago replacement. It should be lighter and make 700 HP. » 2/17/10 9:30am 2/17/10 9:30am

Murcielago-Replacing Lamborghini Jota Mule Spied Lapping The…

Despite the Finciapocalypse » 10/24/08 10:30am 10/24/08 10:30am, it appears that Lamborghini is feverishly working on a replacement for the $313,000 supercar. Tentatively named the , don’t expect it to look like the test mule captured here — when released, the car will likely sport entirely new bodywork. Early indications are that it’ll run a wider…