Lamborghini Bringing Two New Models To Paris

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According to a leaked Lamborghini meeting agenda, two models are headed for a Paris reveal: the "LB715-5″ (the V12-powered Jota) and the mysterious "83X." This 83X could be a Gallardo-replacement (i.e. the V10-implying teaser image), Estoque, SUV, Baby Lambo... [0-60Mag]




I know people have been taking about how to pronounce the name Jota, and I think I have the right answer.

According to the Miura issue of the Octane magazine, which included a feature with the creator of the Jota, Bob Wallace, says that it is indeed pronounced


"J" doesn't exist in modern Italian, but in Latin, on which Italian is based, "J" is prounced as "Y" like in names like Jarno or Juventus, which are pronounced Yarno and Yuventus.

It could be because the original Jota was built to FIA's Appendix J regulations.

I don't know how Lamborghini's going to pronounce it this time, but I think the original was pronounced "Yota".