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Lamborghini LP700-4: 700 HP, V12-Powered Murcielago Replacement

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to a self-identified participant in a Lamborghini preview, the upcoming LP700-4 is the Murcielago replacement we've been calling Jota. It'll offer a 700-hp V12, a carbon-fiber body, sub-3.0-second 0-to-62 mph time, and hit 217 mph.


The tech specs for the car also known as Jota, supposedly from a private preview in Singapore, include a bunch of can't-ignore-even-if-we're-sick-of-Lambo-new-model-speculation information. Here's the dirt straight from someone in-the-know at FerrariChat:

6.5L, 700Bhp, 680Nm @ 5500rpm & redlines @ 8250.

New 7 speed single clutch gearbox with two automode & 50 ms shifts!

But get this, Carbon monoque chassis & F1 style suspension on the rear
Car is 229kg lighter & 70% more rigid! 4WD.

Many new gadgets too for the cabin.

Car will be shown in Geneva Auto next spring. Get ready your cheque book!

Oh, forgot to mention this. 0-100 in 2.9 secs & 350Km/h top speed.

The chatty fellow was unable to share pics or how much the new ride resembles the all-carbon fiber Sesto Elemental (pictured) and unveiled in Paris, since Lamborghini reps confiscated cameras and cell phones prior to entry. But most importantly, he was able to confirm the presence of scissor-type doors, ensuring another generation will be blessed with people lusting for upward-swinging enclosures on their Toyota Yaris.


(Thanks to ktoktok!) [FerrariChat]