Richard Attwood Interview. 1970 Le Mans Winner. Porsche 917 catches up with former 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Richard Attwood to ask how significant his 1970 win really is, how close he really came to securing victory a year earlier, why Porsche may have its work cut out on its return to Le Mans in 2014, and why the iconic Porsche 917 is actually a bit of a… »11/01/13 7:06am11/01/13 7:06am


Aston Martin Preps For Repeat Le Mans Victory, We Gawk At Familiar Colors

As if the pair of victorious Aston Martin DBR9 race cars aren't delicious enough, this year they're rocking Gulf Oil livery. With the 24 Hours Of Le Mans just two weeks away, teams have been testing their cars on La Sarthe in advance of the big day and we've got a batch of photos of cars 009 and, appropriately, 007.… »6/02/08 10:40am6/02/08 10:40am