GM May Make The Off-Road 2016 Chevy Colorado ZR2 [Update: Rumor Denied]

GM trotted out this lifted, armored, diesel-powered 2016 Chevy Colorado ZR2 at last month's LA Auto Show and proved the company had the off-road market on their radar. Rumors suggested Chevy might actually the ZR2 happen in as little as three to six months, at least in Canada. » 12/11/14 8:09pm 12/11/14 8:09pm

Shelby GT350 Mustang Rumored To Be A Screaming Bargain At $52,995

So the 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang will get you a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated, flat plane crank V8 with at least 500 horsepower. That's all well and good, but how much of a hit will your wallet take to get all that? According to one pervasive new rumor, not a whole lot. » 12/01/14 12:44pm 12/01/14 12:44pm

This Is What The Average Car Looks Like In 2014

While I was at the LA Auto Show, I asked Tavarish, who was taking photos for us, to get a whole bunch of head-on pictures of cars. All types — big, small, SUVs, whatever. Well, production only. I wanted to see if I could find out what the average car looks like in 2014. And I think I did. » 11/25/14 3:50pm 11/25/14 3:50pm

A Sneak Peek at 2015's Smartest Smart Cars

Here's the driver's dream: A vehicle that sends us where we want to go, plays the music we want to hear, and allows us to communicate (within reason) with the outside world, all with minimal distraction. It's the vision of the connected car, and it's a promise many automakers hope to deliver for 2015. » 11/25/14 12:06pm 11/25/14 12:06pm

Report: Lexus Convertible Isn't Happening Because Of Pissed-Off Dealers

Bad news tonight for fans of angles and golden roofless things: the Lexus LF-C2 Concept, which looked like a boss from the first StarFox, will not enter production, according to a Motor Trend report. » 11/24/14 9:20pm 11/24/14 9:20pm

Here's Why The Mercedes-Maybach S600 Isn't As Impressive As You Think

Mercedes-Benz makes great luxury super-sedans, and their newly unveiled Mercedes-Maybach S600 is no different, touting cutting-edge comforts that your E-class-leasing manager could only dream of. But here's something your boss doesn't know: This $250,000 car is almost completely useless. » 11/24/14 2:30pm 11/24/14 2:30pm

A Scion FR-S Turbo Or Convertible Are For Real Not Happening, People

The Scion iM Concept showed off at last week's LA Auto Show previewed a production car that Scion desperately needs at the moment for mainstream success. But what about the enthusiasts? Scion senior vice president Doug Murtha took the time to re-iterate some bad news: a convertible or turbo FR-S is not coming. Booo! » 11/24/14 10:20am 11/24/14 10:20am

Your Ridiculously Awesome LA Auto Show Wallpapers Are Here

Earlier this week I visited the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show with the specific objective of taking pictures of cars until my camera's shutter exploded. Out of the thousands of shots that we took, here are some that desperately need to be on your desktop. » 11/22/14 5:00pm 11/22/14 5:00pm

You'll Never Guess Which Cars These Fake Vents Are On

In the LA Auto Show earlier this week, a few car manufacturers took it upon themselves to spruce up their offerings with the addition of slick-looking vents that were about as real as a three dollar bill. Can you name all of the cars that these fake vents came from? Betcha can't. » 11/22/14 3:00pm 11/22/14 3:00pm

Caption This Hilarious Photo Of An Audi Presenter At The LA Auto Show

What's he doing? What's he saying? Has he just announced that the new Audi A476TTaddrandomlettersandnumbershere will be run on a combination of solar, hydrogen, diesel, Doc Brown's Mr. Fusion, and some hamsters on wheels? You decide! Let us know in the comments! » 11/22/14 10:00am 11/22/14 10:00am

The 2016 Kia Sorento Is The Three Row Crossover For Everyone

What do you get when you mix up an X5, an Explorer, and throw in a dash of Durango? You get the 2016 Kia Sorento, that just made its US debut at the LA Auto Show. It is easy to dismiss the Korean mid-sizer, but the Sorento may be the best alternative to the usual suspects like the Highlander and Pilot. » 11/20/14 8:34am 11/20/14 8:34am

This Is What Happens When You Spend A Little More On Your Aston Martin

For the right price, Aston Martin will do to your expensive British car whatever you want as part of their Q customization program. Of course, when I hear "Q" is upgrading an Aston Martin I immediately think of adding missiles. Alas, not, but here here's a tasteful look at a tasteful Vanquish convertible and V12… » 11/21/14 2:22pm 11/21/14 2:22pm

Here's The Sad Fate Of All Of Those Unsold Coda Electric Cars

You know how you've been staying up all night, sick with worry about the fate of all those unsold, unwanted Coda electric sedans? The ones nobody, nowhere wanted to buy, ever and forever? Those? Well, you can relax. The universe's most wildly optimistic company has bought them all, and thinks they can sell them to you. » 11/21/14 12:30pm 11/21/14 12:30pm

Toyota I-Road Concept Looks Both Fun And A Lot Like An Old Benz Concept

I think the most fun concept I saw at the LA Auto Show this year might be this one, the Toyota I-Road. It's another one in the very design-school trend of making little 'personal mobility pods' and crap like that, but this time it's less of a bubble made of hovering unobtanium and more a plausible little trike. » 11/20/14 10:00pm 11/20/14 10:00pm

This Beautiful Block Of Wood Is Where The Fiat 500 Came From

Sometimes the coolest stuff you find at auto shows isn't the new cars, but the crazy stuff automakers bring along and display next to them. Case in point over at the Fiat booth at the LA Auto Show: they have a giant wood buck used to build the original Fiat 500. Neat! » 11/20/14 9:00pm 11/20/14 9:00pm

This 1967 Toyota 2000GT Is The Coolest Car At The LA Auto Show

This year's LA Auto Show has been kind of a strange one. There have been a few good debuts, but also a ton of stuff we've seen online and at other auto shows; not many surprises overall. But there's a very nice surprise waiting in the Toyota section of the floor: this gorgeous white 1967 Toyota 2000GT. » 11/20/14 7:00pm 11/20/14 7:00pm

Ask A Mitsubishi Exec Anything You Want

Mitsubishi brought out its Concept XR-PHEV to the LA Auto Show, the latest hint that an all-wheel-drive, hybrid crossover is definitely in our midst. But we think Mitsubishi is up to more, so we cornered their executive veep here at the show to answer your questions. » 11/20/14 5:15pm 11/20/14 5:15pm

Here's What A 2015 Cadillac Escalade EXT Monster Pickup Would Look Like

The 2015 Cadillac Escalade doesn't have an EXT pickup truck variant, but the hoonigans over at Monster Energy have gone ahead and slapped the Daddy Caddy's face on a full-size Chevy pickup to make their own. It's kind of awesome. » 11/20/14 5:03pm 11/20/14 5:03pm

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Is A Statement That The Company's Here To Stay

Mitsubishi brought this angular plug-in hybrid crossover XR-PHEV to the LA Auto Show to showcase the brand's new design direction. But it's also here to make a statement: "Mitsubishi is here to stay in the United States." » 11/20/14 4:44pm 11/20/14 4:44pm