How Is This Drunk City Councilman Who Abandoned His 4-Year-Old Son In A…

A 23-year-old City Councilman from Riverbank, California was charged with a litany of offenses after crashing his Corvette into a parked car, while drunk, with his four-year-old kid strapped into the car. Councilman Jesse James White then proceeded to leave his bleeding son in the car as he ran away, only to be … » 4/05/12 10:00am 4/05/12 10:00am

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James did wreck 1,000 HP supercar, son claims

According to a Jalopnik commenter claiming to be his 14-year-old son, Jesse James did crash his Ford GT this weekend. Also, his father was behind the wheel of the 1,000-hp modified supercar when it crashed. » 12/07/11 10:20am 12/07/11 10:20am

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James' supercar crashes into neighbor's yard

A Ford GT sports car apparently belonging to customizer — and serially unfaithful spousal partner — Jesse James landed in his neighbor's yard in Austin, Texas two days ago. What we know inside. » 12/06/11 11:10pm 12/06/11 11:10pm

Be The Flashiest Mechanic In Your Shop With Jesse James' Toolbox

Celebrity mechanic Jesse James shuttered his West Coast Choppers shop, and now his pinstriped Mac toolbox has hit the eBays with a current bid of $13,099. Maybe you can convince the Smithsonian.
(H/T to RX-Elise!) [eBay] » 10/27/10 8:30am 10/27/10 8:30am

Jesse James Buys A High-Powered Truck To Outrun His Reputation

Motorcycle modder and detested celebrity Jesse James took delivery on a new Hennessey VelociRaptor, a 575-hp, supercharged version of the Ford Raptor truck, fulfilling the new-pickup ownership legally required of all divorced men relocating to Texas. » 9/22/10 4:15pm 9/22/10 4:15pm

Jesse James Kills Twitter Page Over Cheating Reports

Today a report surfaced of an alleged affair between West Coast Choppers' Jesse James, and tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee while wife Sandra Bullock was in Texas filming The Blind Side. Now his Twitter page's down. His show still sucks. » 3/17/10 11:00pm 3/17/10 11:00pm

Jesse James Sets Hydrogen Land Speed Record At 199.7 MPH

Jesse James set a record speed of 199.712 in the hydrogen-powered Streamliner at the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed last week, besting the hydrogen record previously held by the BMW H2R, thus proving Americans lead in increasingly obsolete technology. » 6/23/09 11:15am 6/23/09 11:15am

Askin' the Experts w/the NYT

So the New York Times, in the midst of all of this fallin' sky hullaballoo about the state of the American auto industry, took time out to talk to a number of people within and peripheral to the auto industry about what America's manufacturers can do to get back on their feet. Jesse James talks about the superiority… » 1/30/06 2:30pm 1/30/06 2:30pm

Figure 8 Action at Irwindale This Saturday

If you're a Southern California type looking for something a little more wild, wooly and "Woo hah! Got you all in check!" this weekend than the straight-line action of the California Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield, the kids out at Irwindale Speedway have you covered. West Coast Choppers, Pick Your Part and Cisco… » 9/26/05 12:33pm 9/26/05 12:33pm