EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James did wreck 1,000 HP supercar, son claims

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According to a Jalopnik commenter claiming to be his 14-year-old son, Jesse James did crash his Ford GT this weekend. Also, his father was behind the wheel of the 1,000-hp modified supercar when it crashed.

Initial details from last night only indicated that the car was owned by customizer/tabloid punching bag James and crashed somewhere near his home in Austin, Texas. Believing the Ford GT to be one of super tuner Hennessey's twin-turbos cars we reached out to John Hennessey to confirm.

"We've built a couple of vehicles for Jesse including our GT1000 twin turbo upgrade on his Ford GT," Hennessey told Jalopnik. "It's nice to know that Jesse drives his Hennessey GT hard enough to find the limit. After all, if you don't crash or break every now and then you're not going fast enough"


That goes some way to explaining how the car might have ended up in someone's backyard. All that power on a twisty road and it's possible for even an experienced driver to make a mistake and eat a little dirt. Still sad to see — and we're hopeful the damage wasn't too terrible.

Further, a long-time Jalopnik commenter claiming to be 14-year-old Jesse James, Jr. (we have reason to believe he is who he claims to be) chimed in on the original thread regarding the incident.

"Hey you guys are dipshits. My father was in the car with one of his friends and he just lost control(1000hp). Also its a hennessey gt1000 twin turbo. It was not today and it was last week and no one in the family did this it was just some asswipe "neighbor". Another thing no where near our house."

After our detective commenters do some work to backup James, Jr.'s claims that it was his dad, the commenter/son clarified his comments.

"It was my dad driving but you are right there was very little damage not that bad. The last line on my original comment mean't that it was definitely not in the neighbors yard."


We're grateful to the younger Jesse James for clarifying that for us. Also, we apologize for any earlier dipshittery.

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I always miss the tomfoolery and dipshitery.

Maybe now that the car is wrecked, James can go back to what he got popular for, by turning this now wrecked Ford GT into a lawn mower, tart cart, or a thousand horsepower vibrator.

The latter of which I'm $ure a certain commentor would love to sign up for