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EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James' supercar crashes into neighbor's yard

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A Ford GT sports car apparently belonging to customizer — and serially unfaithful spousal partner — Jesse James landed in his neighbor's yard in Austin, Texas two days ago. What we know inside.

This photo comes courtesy of a tipster, who says the image comes from a member of his family in Austin — just down the road from James' new house.


"Rumor has it he wrecked his new Ford GT into the neighbors yard," said our tipster. "Apparently there are quite a few accidents on this super twisty lane."

As further evidence that this might be America's least favorite person's wrecked GT, there are numerous photos of an identical Ford GT with the same wheels parked in front of his new Austin Speed Shop.


No confirmation yet as to whether or not James was behind the wheel when the car crashed or his condition, but he tweeted out this picture earlier this week with no explanation other than "Fuck'n whoops..."

The photo from our tipster seems to show the accident before the police arrived.

Whoops, indeed.

Photo Credit: Austin Exotic Cars