Ex-F1 Doctor Claims FIA Tried To Have Him Fired Over Blog Posts

Dr. Gary Hartstein's blog, A Former F1 Doc Writes, is an excellent resource for anyone interested in motorsports and medicine. Unfortunately, FIA Institute President Gérard Saillant alleged that these posts violated Hartstein's contract with his current day job at the University Hospital of Liège.
»12/21/14 9:00am12/21/14 9:00am


Wyld Stallions Rule: Jean Todt Out As Ferrari CEO, Amedeo Felisa In!

Reuters is reporting Ferrari Chief Executive Officer Jean Todt resigned on Tuesday and will be replaced by General Manager Amedeo Felisa. The company's issued a statement, but since we can't actually read Italian, we thought it best to go with the Reuters report. As many know, Todt headed Ferrari's Formula One team… »3/18/08 2:10pm3/18/08 2:10pm