Yes, Anime Themed Cars Are Pretty Common In Japan

One of those facts about a Japanese commute which contributes to the "weird Japan" stereotype, there are a lot of anime themed cars. It can't be helped. Why? Because it's true. It's not unusual to see one or two during rush hour, or a few scattered throughout a parking lot. » 12/20/14 10:00am 12/20/14 10:00am

Japan's Geekiest Cars Run On Nerd Fuel

"Itasha" (痛車) literally mean "painmobile", but they are Japan's sticker-covered geek cars. The decals often feature anime, manga or video game characters. "Ita" either refers to the pain inflicted on the wallets of the car owners—or the folks who see the cars. » 9/27/12 12:10pm 9/27/12 12:10pm

Itasha Ferrari 360: The Otaku Is Strong With This One

Itasha's the Japanese trend of slathering cars with anime or manga characters and pretending it's cool. Fine for Civics and Hiaces, but absolutely obnoxious on a steed like a Ferrari 360. Even a Ferrari can't outrun this owner's loneliness. [RPMGo] » 6/08/10 3:30pm 6/08/10 3:30pm

Itasha: Japan's Creepiest Car Fetish

There are Japanese trends we wholly approve of, like dekotora, and then there's Itasha. Literally translated to mean "painful car" this trend is incredibly creepy. » 7/23/09 12:00pm 7/23/09 12:00pm