Did We Just Give Iran The Bomb Or Did We Usher In A New Era Of Peace?

Earlier today the world’s leaders announced a historic nuclear agreement with Iran that could block the country’s path to developing nuclear weapons for more than a decade. like any agreement crafted over years and led by a windsurfing diplomat, it’s not perfect.http://gawker.com/historic-deal-... »7/14/15 12:50pm7/14/15 12:50pm

Why Exactly Is A Saudi Arabian Airliner At Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport?

In what is an unbelievably rare, if not unprecedented occasion, a Saudi Airlines Airbus A330 landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport today for technical reasons. The aircraft was empty, on a return trip from Brussels and it remains unclear if the stop was actually planned or part of an in-flight emergency. »5/06/15 3:42pm5/06/15 3:42pm

There Is No Way In Fiery Hell Iran Is Getting An F1 Race Anytime Soon

Formula One nerds were all a-twittering this weekend over a report from Iranian state news agency IRNA saying that the Middle Eastern dictatorship has plans to construct a “Formula 1 circuit.” But here’s the thing. Iran can build an F1-capable circuit all they want, but it ain’t happening anytime soon. »5/04/15 12:12pm5/04/15 12:12pm

US Navy Will Escort US Commerical Ships Through The Straits Of Hormuz

Although the government seems quick to downplay the seizure of the Marshall Islands flagged container ship Maersk Tigris by Iranian gunboats on Tuesday, U.S. Navy ships in the region have now been ordered to escort American affiliated cargo ships through the volatile Straits of Hormuz. »5/01/15 10:00am5/01/15 10:00am

Saudis Intercept Yemen Bound Iranian Jet, Bomb Runway To Stop It

As the conflict in Yemen intensifies, fully armed Royal Saudi Air Force F-15Cs are caught on video intercepting a civilian Airbus A310. The Mahan Air jet was en route from Iran to Yemen, supposedly on a relief mission to deliver humanitarian aid. Apparently the Saudis didn’t believe that. »4/30/15 2:16pm4/30/15 2:16pm

Why Is Iran's National Car More Interesting Than You May Think?

Petrolicious recently sat down with Shaheen Armin, a young man who quit his job designing new cars in the U.S. in order to create a documentary about a nearly unknown classic car. The Paykan, or “Arrow” in Persian was made in Iran since the ’60s, becoming known as “the national car of Iran” mostly because it was made… »4/30/15 2:12pm4/30/15 2:12pm

Iran Fires On And Boards Maersk Cargo Ship Transiting Straits Of Hormuz

The container ship Maersk Tigris was ordered to stop its transit through the Straits of Hormuz by Iranian gunboats. When it didn’t, the Iranian ships fired shots in front of its bow, which promptly brought the ship to a halt. It was subsequently bordered and seized, and now the US Destroyer Farragut is speeding to the… »4/28/15 7:15pm4/28/15 7:15pm

Iran Flaunts Its Wacky Combat Aircraft Collection During Army Day Parade

Iran’s Army Day parade always features an interesting hodgepodge of rickety floats and actual military hardware. This year included a high-speed flypast of what is just about the best eye candy around for any military aviation buff: A KC-747 , F-14A, F-4E, and a MiG-29UB all in formation.
»4/21/15 2:48pm4/21/15 2:48pm

Saudis Fear Iranian Control Of Yemen Due To This Strategic Choke Point

There is no doubt that the idea of Iran controlling Yemen via their Houthi Rebel proxies is a nightmare for Saudi Arabia. A large part of this nightmare is the possibility that Iran could deny access to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf simultaneously, cutting off Saudi Arabia's main avenues for energy exports and… »3/31/15 4:30pm3/31/15 4:30pm

Iran's Flying RQ-170 Sentinel 'Copy' Is More RC Toy Than Drone

Iran has attempted to show the world that they have successfully test flown a 'clone' of the bat-winged RQ-170 Sentinel stealth spy drone that the CIA lost in Iranian territory a few years ago. Thankfully, it looks like the propaganda machine in Tehran is up to their usual magic tricks, and not the most believable… »11/13/14 3:50pm11/13/14 3:50pm

Charter Plane Full Of Americans Ordered To Land In Iran

A contract flight supporting US led operations in Afghanistan was on its way from Bagram AB in Afghanistan to Dubai when Iranian air traffic controllers alerted them to turn around and file a correct flight plan. The aircraft did not have the fuel to turn back so it was ordered to land at Bandar Abbas in the Persian… »9/05/14 4:40pm9/05/14 4:40pm

The World's Only KC-747 Tanker Is Flown By The Iranian Air Force

There are some big tanker aircraft flying around the world, including those based on the DC-10, 767 and Russia's IL-76 design. Yet the largest aerial refueler of them all is based on the iconic Boeing 747, a symbol of American might and ingenuity. Ironically, it flies for none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran… »5/25/14 1:08pm5/25/14 1:08pm

Iran Is Building A Gigantic Mock-Up Of A U.S. Aircraft Carrier

You have got to hand it to the Iranians, when it comes to arts and crafts they really do aim high. Last year we had the "unveiling" of the unquestionably questionable F-313 "fighter" and this year we get a truly gargantuan impressionistic interpretation of a Nimitz Class super carrier, complete with fake jets! »3/22/14 1:10pm3/22/14 1:10pm

Israeli Commandos Find A Boatload Of Rockets Under Iranian Cement

Israel is well known for their maritime raiding capabilities, a common tactic used to interdict cargo, or personnel, aboard ships that the Mossad deems as a threat to the homeland, sometimes to a controversial degree. Yet there is little controversy about the validity of the Israeli Navy's mission yesterday, one that… »3/06/14 5:16pm3/06/14 5:16pm