Saudis Fear Iranian Control Of Yemen Due To This Strategic Choke Point

There is no doubt that the idea of Iran controlling Yemen via their Houthi Rebel proxies is a nightmare for Saudi Arabia. A large part of this nightmare is the possibility that Iran could deny access to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf simultaneously, cutting off Saudi Arabia's main avenues for energy exports and… » 3/31/15 4:30pm Tuesday 4:30pm

Iran Blows Up Gigantic U.S. Carrier Mock-Up During Naval Exercise

Iran's Flying RQ-170 Sentinel 'Copy' Is More RC Toy Than Drone

Iran has attempted to show the world that they have successfully test flown a 'clone' of the bat-winged RQ-170 Sentinel stealth spy drone that the CIA lost in Iranian territory a few years ago. Thankfully, it looks like the propaganda machine in Tehran is up to their usual magic tricks, and not the most believable… » 11/13/14 3:50pm 11/13/14 3:50pm

Charter Plane Full Of Americans Ordered To Land In Iran

A contract flight supporting US led operations in Afghanistan was on its way from Bagram AB in Afghanistan to Dubai when Iranian air traffic controllers alerted them to turn around and file a correct flight plan. The aircraft did not have the fuel to turn back so it was ordered to land at Bandar Abbas in the Persian… » 9/05/14 4:40pm 9/05/14 4:40pm

Can Someone Explain The Mercedes Ad Iranians Saw During The World Cup?

If you've ever wondered how Mercedes is trying to sell the C-Class in Iran, here's your answer. In short: With its hazards on. » 6/17/14 10:07am 6/17/14 10:07am

The World's Only KC-747 Tanker Is Flown By The Iranian Air Force

There are some big tanker aircraft flying around the world, including those based on the DC-10, 767 and Russia's IL-76 design. Yet the largest aerial refueler of them all is based on the iconic Boeing 747, a symbol of American might and ingenuity. Ironically, it flies for none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran… » 5/25/14 1:08pm 5/25/14 1:08pm

Watch Idiotic Firefighters Do Just About Everything Wrong At A Car Fire

It would appear that the fire department of Daran, Isfahan, Iran, has at least one operational fire apparatus, but not a single firefighter on staff who knows how to fucking run it without needlessly putting themselves in extreme danger. » 5/20/14 9:20pm 5/20/14 9:20pm

Iran Is Building A Gigantic Mock-Up Of A U.S. Aircraft Carrier

You have got to hand it to the Iranians, when it comes to arts and crafts they really do aim high. Last year we had the "unveiling" of the unquestionably questionable F-313 "fighter" and this year we get a truly gargantuan impressionistic interpretation of a Nimitz Class super carrier, complete with fake jets! » 3/22/14 1:10pm 3/22/14 1:10pm

Israeli Commandos Find A Boatload Of Rockets Under Iranian Cement

Israel is well known for their maritime raiding capabilities, a common tactic used to interdict cargo, or personnel, aboard ships that the Mossad deems as a threat to the homeland, sometimes to a controversial degree. Yet there is little controversy about the validity of the Israeli Navy's mission yesterday, one that… » 3/06/14 5:16pm 3/06/14 5:16pm

Death To Tires! Iranians Are Going Crazy For The Chevy Camaro

In a country where protesters still regularly chant "death to America" and burn our flag during rallies, you might think that American muscle cars would be extremely unpopular. You'd be wrong! The Iranians can't get enough of the Chevy Camaro and its muscle-y brethren. » 12/23/13 12:20pm 12/23/13 12:20pm

Watch Someone Drive A Car That's Been Chewed

There's something almost charming about this video. It's pretty simple: a man driving a car on the highway. The hook, of course, is that the car looks like it's been masticated by Godzilla. » 8/07/12 9:30am 8/07/12 9:30am

Iran Cracks US Stealth Spy Drone's Secrets, Shows Proof

Iran claims that their engineers have reverse engineered the secrets of the American stealth spy drone RQ-170 Sentinel that went down in their territory last December. To prove it, they have made public some of the encrypted information stored in the plane. If confirmed, it's very bad news for the United States. » 4/23/12 9:15am 4/23/12 9:15am

Nissan's Iranian New York City Cab Problem

While Nissan happily trumpets their taxi-selection victory inside the Javits Center, just outside Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate for the City of New York, held a press conference decrying the selection. The reason? Nissan still does business in Iran, in violation of U.S. sanctions. » 4/04/12 2:30pm 4/04/12 2:30pm

Anti-Iran Group Goes Nuclear Over J. Lo Fiat Ads

Fiat's disastrous Jennifer Lopez ad campaign just got worse. A political group's claiming that, in addition to pretending to go home in a car that kept breaking down, J. Lo indirectly supports Iran's nuclear ambitions and human rights abuses. Just watch the video. » 1/23/12 4:00pm 1/23/12 4:00pm

Two Supercarriers Side By Side Look Awesome, Are Bad News

These are the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS John C. Stennis, two of the ten nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft supercarriers in service with the United States Navy. The Lincoln just arrived to the Strait of Hormuz as tension keeps mounting up in the area. » 1/23/12 9:30am 1/23/12 9:30am

Did NATO's lost drone have its GPS hacked by Iranian engineers?

Earlier this month, NATO lost a spy drone in Iran. Initially NATO admitted that its pilots lost control of the craft, but new reports claim that the Iranian military hacked its GPS systems. » 12/16/11 9:30am 12/16/11 9:30am

Iran can't even put a monkey in space

First, Iran elects a president whose sense of style begins and ends at Members Only jackets. Then, some operative tries to hire a washed-out used car dealer to assassinate a Saudi Arabian ambassador in the United States. And now Iran's attempt to put a monkey in space failed. » 10/14/11 1:30pm 10/14/11 1:30pm

Accused Saudi assassin was dumbass Texas used-car dealer

The U.S. government revealed Tuesday it had stopped a plot by an Iranian agent to assassinate Saudi Arabia's U.S. ambassador. The suspected mastermind? A failed Texas used-car dealer who dubbed his mission "Chevrolet." » 10/12/11 4:30pm 10/12/11 4:30pm

Iranian passenger jet crashes into refueling truck

Passengers on an Iran Air flight learned the hard way why you should keep your seat belt securely fastened while taxiing after their plane collided with a truck loaded with jet fuel. » 8/02/11 10:30am 8/02/11 10:30am