STaSIS Signature Series Audi S5 Challenge Edition: First Drive

The last time I blew past the limits of my driving ability in a big howling V8 and hooned into a turn way too fast, I was at Altamont Speedway and I spun out in a most dramatic fashion. Now I'm in a car worth 110 times as much, leadfooting it down the hill at Infineon, right at the Chute, and I'm totally into that… »12/08/08 1:00pm12/08/08 1:00pm

Spoon Sports JDM Honda Integra Launches Into Stands, Miraculously Injures No One

It was a bad weekend for the folks at Spoon Sports. The same people who brought you the Spoon NSX-R GT »11/14/08 2:18pm11/14/08 2:18pm (yes, the same one we reviewed earlier this week) managed to place a JDM Honda RSX/Integra in the stands of Infineon Raceway during a NASA race. No one appears to have been hurt, but the driver had to be cut out of…

In Search of the Abominable Sonoman, Rahal to Drive Vintage Brabham at Sears Point

When the IRL rolls into the paddock at Infineon Raceway the weekend of August 26-28, they have an already-established hit on hand as their support race: The Moly Shield Oil Historic Grand Prix. Among the vintage Formula 1 cars to be seen are Jackie Stewart s 1971-72 Tyrrell, Niki Lauda s 1977 Ferrari and Mario… »8/09/05 12:34pm8/09/05 12:34pm