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While Jalopnik will be flying the flannel at Sears Point (as NorCal expatriates we just can't quite bring ourselves to call it Infineon Raceway) in a little over a week for the NHRA's Fram/Autolite Nationals, it's time to look back at what could be called drag racing's inverse the American LeMans Series.

Having completed half the season when the checkered flag dropped in Sonoma, JJ Lehto and Marco Werner are out front in LMP1, while in LMP2, Jeff Bucknum and Chris McMurry hold a slight lead. The Corvette guys (surprise, surprise), are strong in GT1, with Plastic Fantastic infighting being the main story there. GT2's the tight contest of the season, with Jorg Bergmeister and Patrick Long currently out front but only by 11 points. With American open-wheel racing having lost much of its luster and NASCAR a corporate carbon-copy-fest, ALMS seems to us to be the series most akin to racing's golden age of the 1960s.


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