2011 Opel Ampera: Screw The Schedule, Here's The Full Reveal

The Opel Ampera had its coming out party a wee bit early for the Geneva Motor Show. Don't fret, our European breathren, your emo-ecomobile is here and we've got all the photos, and details below. » 3/02/09 6:00pm 3/02/09 6:00pm

Opel Ampera Officially Unveiled!

GM has officially unveiled the Opel Ampera, Europe's version of the Chevy Volt. In a reversal of usual practice, the Ampera is mechanically identical to its American cousin but is much better looking. » 3/01/09 11:45am 3/01/09 11:45am

2012 Holden Volt: Electricity Goes On Walkabout

GM's brand that goes Outback every night has released details on the 2012 Holden Volt, the right-hand and Aussie-flavored version of GM's bow-tied branded EREV, the Chevy Volt. » 2/26/09 6:01pm 2/26/09 6:01pm