Heuliez Raises Bar On Electric Car Weirdness In Paris With "Friendly" Threesome

Meet the Heuliez Friendly, the Heuliez Pondicherry and the Heuliez... uh, Electric Dump Truck Scooter? Okay, we don't know the name of the last one, we just made that up, but all three are cool as hell for pocket sized electric cars. The Friendly contains more standard weirdness than any run of the mill Citroen could… »10/03/08 2:00pm10/03/08 2:00pm

Hey! Macarena! Folding-Hardtop Peugeot 407 Concept

Ten years ago, we were on a boat in Germany celebrating a friend's high-school graduation. Suddenly, this horridly catchy earworm of a song came on and people started to move strangely. Synchronized strangeness, even. "Dear God," we thought to ourselves. "We hope this is one of those weird European things that never… »10/02/06 9:30am10/02/06 9:30am