Heuliez Raises Bar On Electric Car Weirdness In Paris With "Friendly" Threesome

Meet the Heuliez Friendly, the Heuliez Pondicherry and the Heuliez... uh, Electric Dump Truck Scooter? Okay, we don't know the name of the last one, we just made that up, but all three are cool as hell for pocket sized electric cars. The Friendly contains more standard weirdness than any run of the mill Citroen could ever dream of, note the McLaren F1-inspired center seating and dual sliding doors — take that McLaren. Check out the wooden load floor on the camino-like Pondicherry — reminds us of our '51 Chevy 3100. These things are so cool, we might slip one in each pocket and try to smuggle them past customs on the way home.


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