Behold Infiniti's Digital Car For Gran Turismo 6

Buckle up, because here's another car Infiniti is not going to build! The Concept Vision Gran Turismo was made for GT6, and you might be able to find its blueprints later on since, well, Sony makes Gran Turismo... » 12/18/14 8:20am 12/18/14 8:20am

Watch The Red Bull X2014 GT6 Car Run The 'Ring In 3'38.031

How fast could a car go around the Nurburgring Nordschleife if it was unimpeded by racing regulations, or by g-forces acting on the driver? About 3'38.031, as this Red Bull X2014 Fan Car did in Gran Turismo 6. » 2/20/14 12:20pm 2/20/14 12:20pm

There are Playstation icons in the Mercedes-Benz Vision GT headlights

Mercedes-Benz stunned everyone when they announced they were bringing the Vision GT, a car made exclusively for Gran Turismo 6, to the 2014 LA Auto Show as a real-life full-scale vehicle. » 12/18/13 11:02am 12/18/13 11:02am

Gran Turismo 6 vs A PC Racing Game

Normally when we show a comparison video like this, it's comparing the same game across platforms. But this one's different. It's two games across two platforms, which may sound pointless, but remember, these are driving games we're talking about. We can get away with it. » 12/09/13 12:00am 12/09/13 12:00am

Kazunori Yamauchi Promises Huge Tracts Of Land In Gran Turismo 6

At an info session during Gamescom 2013, Kazunori Yamauchi claimed that players could use GT6's Course Maker to create tracks in an area of "100 kilometers by 100 kilometers", or 10,000 square kilometers. GTPlanet reports that Andreas Nie, InsideSimRacing's European correspondent, approached him to clarify that. » 9/02/13 1:30pm 9/02/13 1:30pm

19 Things Gran Turismo 6 MUST Improve On Over GT5

Alright, I know I'm behind on giving a comment on the newest and much talked about install of Gran Turismo, due Q4 this year should we trust it's developers. This time apparently, they're on schedule and it won't be delayed into the next era of humanity. They say... » 6/02/13 2:06pm 6/02/13 2:06pm

For $6,500, Is This Triumph A Rock And Roll Machine?

When first introduced, Triumph's GT6 was promoted as being developed from the company's Le Mans racing programme. That claim may have been bogus but will the racing stripes on today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe MK3 have you racing for your check book? » 9/17/12 8:00am 9/17/12 8:00am

Triumph GT6 Avoids British Leyland Era, Now Done With This World

British Leyland, the "Government Motors" of Malaise Era Britain, began its life in 1968, so this '67 GT6 managed to avoid the BL stigma. » 12/26/09 11:00am 12/26/09 11:00am

PCH, Great Rusty North Edition: Triumph GT6 or Porsche 914?

It looks like Italy has been knocked off the PCH Superpower throne by the UK, according to the results of yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll. That means that PCH SuperGigaPower France awaits the chance to take on its historical PCH rival from across the Channel. But first, let's see how Britain fares against a… » 4/03/08 5:15pm 4/03/08 5:15pm