Here's Why Overpaying For This Super Clean Mazda RX-7 Makes Sense  

Value is a hard thing to define, especially in cars. What represents a giant money pit to one person can be another person’s best-case budget. That’s why this time, I’m presenting you with this Mazda RX-7, a car that may be worth getting even if it costs more than you think you should pay right now. »10/06/15 6:01pmTuesday 6:01pm

You Can Buy A Lexus That Parks Itself For The Price Of A Base Model Honda Civic

It’s not hard to impress me. I’m still astonished at the fact that I can check my email without the use of my house phone line. However, some things are just objectively impressive, like this opulent Lexus LS460, which parks itself better than you can, at a price that rivals the cheapest of the cheap. »9/17/15 7:31pm9/17/15 7:31pm

Why Buy A Mustang GT When You Can Get An Insane 650-HP Porsche 911 Turbo?

Buying a modified sports car is kind of like buying a cockfighting rooster. While it might look unassuming, it was made specifically for doing something highly illegal and it probably wants to kill you. But this Porsche 911 Turbo is so damn cheap, you may just rethink your priorities. »9/13/15 11:02am9/13/15 11:02am

You Can Buy The Best Damn Road Trip Car Ever For The Price Of A Used SUV

What’s important to you in a car? Is it comfort? Fuel efficiency? Speed? How about prestige and overall experience? Well, it better be one of those things because this Maserati Granturismo S, is the best possible mix of everything you need in a car- for a price of a lightly used SUV from CarMax. »9/10/15 9:15pm9/10/15 9:15pm

Here's The Only Affordable Twin Turbo Supra For Sale (With One Small Catch)

No, this isn’t some salvage titled fixer upper plastered together with bondo and sold at the nearest Buy-Here-Pay-Here-Surprise-Repo lot. This is a MKIV Toyota Supra with a twin turbo 2JZ-GTE and a manual transmission, way less than any others on the market - because it may need a few small things. »9/02/15 6:12pm9/02/15 6:12pm

Get Your Bank Account Ready, The Ferrari 360 Has Become Ridiculously Cheap

I’m one to advocate a risky car purchase because with risk comes the juicy reward. But in this case, there’s no downside because the Ferrari 360 Modena, in both manual and F1 variants, has fallen off a cliff in market value. What that means is that normies like you and I no longer have to window shop. Is this real… »8/30/15 1:22pm8/30/15 1:22pm

You Can Buy This Ferrari-Whooping Truck For The Price Of A Used Civic

Imagine this - you’re driving home on a cool summer night, your tape deck blasting Holy Diver when you come across a hungry Ferrari 348ts in the wrong neighborhood. If you bought this awesome GMC Typhoon, you could blow the Ferrari’s doors rightly off, then laugh maniacally because your whole car cost less than the… »8/25/15 12:36pm8/25/15 12:36pm

You Can Buy A Brand New Aston Martin DBS For $200k Off Its Original Price

For those of you that think that my advice always comes with greasy and expensive strings attached, here’s the rebuttal to every one of your long-winded comment tirades. It’s a brand new Aston Martin DBS that not only still has a factory warranty, but has a price tag that was sliced in half and then some. Save your… »8/23/15 1:42pm8/23/15 1:42pm

Does This Crazy Rough Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Deserve To Be Saved? 

There’s a difficult pain that all car enthusiasts go through when they see an otherwise stellar car in dire straits because of the horrible decisions of its current or previous owners. In particular, this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX is exactly that. Does it deserve a restoration by a caring enthusiast? I think it… »8/22/15 9:19am8/22/15 9:19am

Why Buy A BMW M6 When This Gorgeous Audi R8 Is $32,000 Less? 

There is no reason to buy a luxury or sports car new, unless it’s going to be the car you’re voluntarily buried in. Case in point - this spectacular example of an Audi R8 with looks that eclipse any modern hypercar, the practicality of a daily driver and a price on par with an entry-level sports coupe. Ladies and… »8/20/15 1:58pm8/20/15 1:58pm

Why Buy A V6 Ford Mustang When This 200 MPH Mercedes SL600 Is Cheaper? 

When I was younger and much less incorrigible, I remember seeing a car that forced me to stop and stare, jaw unceremoniously agape. That car was a Mercedes SL600, just like this beautiful example. What’s even more mind boggling is that you can now buy it for entry level Mustang money and have enough change left over… »8/02/15 12:12pm8/02/15 12:12pm

This Clean Lamborghini Murcielago Is Cheap As Dirt And Fake As Hell

Kit cars are interesting if only to delve into the insane mindset of the person who builds one. It’s the Canal Street handbag that everyone can spot from a mile away - but not always. Sometimes fakes like this Lamborghini LP640 replica are so convincing that they’ll take several once-overs to let you know that you… »7/27/15 2:28pm7/27/15 2:28pm

You Can Buy The Best BMW M5 Ever Made For The Price Of A Nissan Versa

The BMW E39 M5 is one of those cars that got it so right the first time that the company was forced to think way outside the box for the next iteration, making a product that just wasn’t as good as its predecessor. Today you can get the best looking example around for the price of one of the most mundane cars ever.… »7/25/15 11:58am7/25/15 11:58am