The Maserati GranTurismo Is The Sexiest Car You Can Afford (Yes, Even You!)

Some may see an exotic car driving down the road and say “In another life perhaps” as a single tear rolls down your cheek. Well, fret no more, as I’m here to save you from your boring-ass car decisions. The Maserati GranTurismo is stupid cheap, and you can afford it, if you follow my advice. »Saturday 4:01pm11/21/15 4:01pm


If You Stop Drinking Coffee For A Year You Can Afford This Toyota Supra Turbo

Project cars are always fun - and as much as I like the dust-off-and-drive-it barn find, I enjoy the clearly neglected basket cases more. Cars like this unloved Toyota Supra Turbo make the art of fixing up a car a joy, if only for the fact that even a turd can shine like diamond with enough elbow grease. »11/18/15 9:00pm11/18/15 9:00pm

This Lamborghini Gallardo Looks Freaking Amazing. Fight Me. 

Buying cars on a budget is tough. You have to account for what you can afford, how practical it is and whether or not it’ll blow up on your way to work. Having said that, this Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t any of those things and it’s simply spectacular in every way. If you disagree, we can take it outside. »11/10/15 7:18pm11/10/15 7:18pm

You Can Buy This Stupid Fast Nissan GT-R For The Price Of A Used SUV

When you buy a sports car for a price that’s many thousands of dollars less than when it was new, that’s called depreciation. However, when you buy a mammoth Nissan GT-R that’s nearly new for less than half of the price of a showroom model today, that’s a bargain and a half. »11/08/15 1:02pm11/08/15 1:02pm

eBay Challenge: The Cheapest Porsche 911s You Can Buy

Who can say no to a rear-engined, rear wheel drive German car that’s made only to make you experience the thrill of driving? No one, that’s who. That’s why this week, your task is to find the cheapest Porsche 911s you can buy, regardless of year, and there’s no budget cap - but be reasonable. Ferdinand wouldn’t have… »11/06/15 4:15pm11/06/15 4:15pm

You Can Buy An Insane Porsche 911 Turbo For $100,000 Off Its Original Price

There’s no better performance bargain in the sports car world than a Porsche 911 Turbo because it’s truly a mass-produced exotic that you can drive every day. However, with used examples like this 997 Cabriolet around for deep discounts, I’m not sure why anyone would buy new. »11/01/15 3:00pm11/01/15 3:00pm

This Stupid Cheap Porsche Boxster Is The Supercar-Killing Project You Need

When one looks for project cars, it’s fun to peruse the classifieds - not only to find a deal on something you’ve been looking for, but to test the limits of your imagination. A car like this ridiculously cheap 2011 Porsche Boxster would work those brain muscles indeed. »10/27/15 8:10pm10/27/15 8:10pm

You Can Buy This Lamborghini That Used To Be An Acura NSX If You Hate Yourself

There are certain people that look at the Sistine Chapel and say “there really needs to be more chrome in it. And lasers.” That’s exactly the mentality of the owner of this Lamborghini Diablo replica, because it started life as the most desirable Japanese sports car in the last 20 years. »10/23/15 12:26pm10/23/15 12:26pm

How Much Porsche Can You Get For The Price Of A Mazda Miata? 

Porsche is either the dumbest smart company in the world or the smartest dumb company in the world. They made cars like this cheap Porsche Cayman better than their 911 in almost every single way, and they still call it their entry level car. It’s a great thing we’re smarter than they are. »10/21/15 7:00pm10/21/15 7:00pm

This Might Just Be The Cheapest Acura NSX You'll Ever Find

The car that started the stratospheric rise in prices for ‘90s Japanese nostalgic classics was the Acura NSX. After two decades, it still kicked ass and took names, even if the names on that list have thinned out a bit over the years. Here’s one that is still affordable, but is it worth it? »10/18/15 9:59am10/18/15 9:59am

This Cheap Toyota MR2 Turbo Is The Appreciating Classic You've Been Waiting For

One of the biggest factors driving an appreciating car market is nostalgia, and the ‘90s was chock full of car worthy of donning the proverbial rose-colored spectacles. Namely, this Toyota MR2 turbo that’s quite rare indeed and sure to pay for itself over time. »10/16/15 8:40pm10/16/15 8:40pm

Would You Buy A Lamborghini With More Miles Than Your Commuter Toyota Camry?

Having nice things make no sense if you don’t use them. That’s why I don’t get summer homes and yachts - 90 percent of the time, they’re unused and essentially useless. Not so with this relatively cheap Lamborghini Gallardo, which has more miles than your Uber-moonlighting neighbor’s Prius. »10/12/15 5:17pm10/12/15 5:17pm

How Much Would You Pay For A Porsche 911 That Desperately Wants To Kill You? 

Dangeous cars exist in many forms - from the innocuous Jetta TDI, any car with Takata airbags, or Ralph Nader’s nightmare, the Chevrolet Corvair - but those cars are accidentally dangerous. This Porsche 911 GT2 was made as a branded widow maker on purpose. Sounds like a great plan, eh? »10/11/15 4:46pm10/11/15 4:46pm

Here's Why Overpaying For This Super Clean Mazda RX-7 Makes Sense  

Value is a hard thing to define, especially in cars. What represents a giant money pit to one person can be another person’s best-case budget. That’s why this time, I’m presenting you with this Mazda RX-7, a car that may be worth getting even if it costs more than you think you should pay right now. »10/06/15 6:01pm10/06/15 6:01pm

This Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Is A Smart Buy Because It's Stupid Cheap

When someone tells me how unreliable used German cars are, I refer them to my daily driven Mercedes S-Class and the German cars I’ve owned in the past year. Then I’d refer them to this amazing Mercedes E55 AMG to show them that financing a Hyundai is never the way to go. »9/28/15 6:40pm9/28/15 6:40pm

Is This Crazy Cheap Bentley Continental GT Worth Bringing Back To Life?

I’m not a gambling man, but I do have certain vices, all of which have to do with automobiles. I have a knack of seeing cars for what they can be rather than what they are. That’s why this rough Bentley Continental GT is so enticing, because I think it can, and should be saved. »9/26/15 2:40pm9/26/15 2:40pm