This Clean Lamborghini Murcielago Is Cheap As Dirt And Fake As Hell

Kit cars are interesting if only to delve into the insane mindset of the person who builds one. It’s the Canal Street handbag that everyone can spot from a mile away - but not always. Sometimes fakes like this Lamborghini LP640 replica are so convincing that they’ll take several once-overs to let you know that you… » 7/27/15 2:28pm Monday 2:28pm

You Can Buy The Best BMW M5 Ever Made For The Price Of A Nissan Versa

The BMW E39 M5 is one of those cars that got it so right the first time that the company was forced to think way outside the box for the next iteration, making a product that just wasn’t as good as its predecessor. Today you can get the best looking example around for the price of one of the most mundane cars ever.… » 7/25/15 11:58am Saturday 11:58am

Get Your Pennies Together Because Nissan GT-Rs Are Plummeting In Price

Most cars have predictable depreciation curves and will be worth 40 percent of their original purchase price five years after they’re first sold - but the Nissan GT-R isn’t most cars. It hoards value like an automotive Smaug. But the times, they are a-changin’, and prices for used examples may just become affordable… » 7/19/15 11:10am 7/19/15 11:10am

This Insane Lexus SC300 Is The Luxury Supra You've Always Wanted

The Toyota Supra is quickly becoming the unobtanium grand touring potential powerhouse that you wish you could afford, but there is another. This 2000 Lexus SC300 is everything the Supra could be, plus a few things that are just nice to have, for a price that’s very un-Supra like. Dear Santa, this is what I want. » 7/18/15 10:00am 7/18/15 10:00am

Why Buy A Nissan Sentra When This Awesome Skyline GT-R Is Way Cheaper?

Having an exotic car doesn’t always have to mean that you’re a Jordan Belfort stand-in, but simply a person of exquisite taste and extraordinary bargain-hunting ability. Case in point: this Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R is everything you’d want in a rare supercar with the addition of an economy car pricetag. Drive-thrus… » 7/12/15 11:35am 7/12/15 11:35am

Here's How You Can Combine Two Broken F430s Into One Amazing Ferrari

Unless you’re the Sultan of Brunei, ownership of a Ferrari comes with a lot of challenges - mainly where to get the money to buy one and deciding what kind of light jazz to play in your Ferrari-themed glass garage. However, these two Ferrari F430s come with a whole ‘nother set of issues. Here’s how to solve them - the… » 7/05/15 12:44pm 7/05/15 12:44pm

Forget The Ford F150, This Is The Coolest Cheap Truck You Can Buy Today

This weekend marks the the joyous anniversary of the start of the country that brought you the Xbox, 26-inch rims, and the five dollar footlong. To mark off this momentous occasion with an amazing automotive masterpiece, I present this resto-modded Ford F100 as the cheap work truck you always wanted. Happy Birthday,… » 7/03/15 1:47pm 7/03/15 1:47pm

Are You The Nutjob Who Will Buy This $100,000 Monte Carlo? 

There is only one kind of buyer that would drop a million dollars on a rough looking Monte Carlo that was in a Fast and Furious movie. It would have to be some insanely rich dude who is amassing a garage of F&F movie cars and would pay any price to complete his collection. Do any of you know this person?… » 6/30/15 10:34am 6/30/15 10:34am

Why Buy A BMW M3 When This Insanely Fast Porsche 997 Turbo Is Way Less? 

When you buy a new car, there’s a certain pride in ownership that comes with it, along with the novel experience of getting something shiny and fresh. But what happens when you get tired of it? This Porsche 997 Turbo is what happens - a screaming deal for someone who wants something next to new for relatively next to… » 6/28/15 12:59pm 6/28/15 12:59pm

This 500-HP Supercharged BMW 7-Series Is Cheaper Than A Damn Ford Taurus

Owning a BMW 7-series is like a billboard proclaiming that the person driving it is not only classy and sophisticated, but they just don’t have time for your pedestrian concepts of turn signals. You can now join their oblivious elite class with this pristine Alpina B7, which is like a BMW 7-series, but better. And… » 6/24/15 8:05pm 6/24/15 8:05pm

You Can Buy This Loaded V8 BMW M3 For The Price Of A Base Model Mustang

We all know German precision is synonymous with living the good life, but that doesn’t always have to come with a steep price tag. For example, this nearly immaculate BMW M3 coupe is the pinnacle of what’s possible when performance is all that matters - now yours for around the price of a base model Ford Mustang. » 6/21/15 1:27pm 6/21/15 1:27pm

Why Buy A BMW M6 When This Beautiful Ferrari 360 Is Half The Price? 

Exotic cars do one thing better than any other cars - they excite the part of your brain that responds to style and exclusivity. Owning one means that you’ve arrived, in the sense that you now have what could only be a dream for others - something like this clean Ferrari 360 Modena, now up for sale for half the price… » 6/18/15 2:16pm 6/18/15 2:16pm

Why The Hell Is This Mercedes 190E Ten Times The Price Of A BMW E30 M3? 

Value is in the eye of the beholder, which means that there are some cars that no matter what, will have price tags attached to them that may not represent market value - kind of like this Mercedes-Benz 190E that’s priced so high above the competition that it’s comical, but it may not be without reason. » 6/14/15 10:04am 6/14/15 10:04am

You Can Buy This 638-HP Corvette ZR1 For The Price Of A Porsche Boxster

Time has a funny way of putting things into perspective. Back in 2010, this world-beating Chevy Corvette ZR1 cost $120,000 if we account for inflation. Fast forward five years and this amazing car is now priced at less than half of its initial sum, making it cheaper than a base model Porsche Boxster S. Yee. Haw. » 6/07/15 10:50am 6/07/15 10:50am

Is This Super Cheap Porsche 993 Turbo Look-Alike Worth Saving?

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, there was sizable amount of people that were willing to update the look of their depreciating Porsche 911s, oddly enough, all but destroying their original value in the first place. That’s why today, we have this Porsche 993 Turbo look-alike that is in need of some TLC. But is it worth it? » 5/31/15 1:00pm 5/31/15 1:00pm

Why Buy A Used M3 When You Can Get A Sexy V12 Aston Martin Convertible?

It’s a common misconception that in the automotive world, entropy follows depreciation and vice versa. Sometimes, as is the case with this gorgeous Aston Martin DB9 Volante, well-preserved things can fall right into your lap, being just as desirable as when they were new. Except you’re paying a fraction of the… » 5/28/15 3:26pm 5/28/15 3:26pm

You Can Buy A 510-HP V12 S-Class For The Price Of A Used V6 Honda Accord

If you’re wondering where all the fancy new trickle-down technology in commuter cars comes from, the answer is the Mercedes S-Class, namely this top-trim W221 S600 model. It’s got everything you need and everything you don’t yet know you need, all for a price of a used ordinary sedan built for everyone else. » 5/24/15 12:34pm 5/24/15 12:34pm

You Can Own A Ferrari 458 With More Miles Than Your Commuter Honda Civic

If automotive value is derived from the amount of use a car can realistically give you, then this is the most valuable Ferrari ever made. It’s a 2010 458 Italia in great shape and $100k off the current market price because it has a mileage figure that would dwarf the average daily driver’s. Is it worth it, or is this… » 5/22/15 12:35pm 5/22/15 12:35pm

Why Buy A Mustang GT When This Awesome Porsche 911 Turbo Is Way Less? 

If there’s a performance metric that any car enthusiast can appreciate, its the sonorous growl of a flat-6 cylinder engine with two turbos attached, screaming at redline - which is exactly what you get in this spectacular Porsche 911 Turbo. It can now be yours for less than a base model Mustang GT. Oh. Yeah. » 5/17/15 11:24am 5/17/15 11:24am

You Can Have This Super Sleeper 3-Series Stuffed With A M5 V10

There have been some pretty awesome 3-series variants to come from the factory over the years. Suppose you wanted something really bonkers, like the compact dimensions of the E90, but with the screaming V10 power of the E60 M5? This 2006 Hartge H5.0 for sale would fit the bill nicely. » 5/12/15 12:01pm 5/12/15 12:01pm