Miss Jeremy Clarkson? Buy His Favorite Car For Less Than Half Price

Whether you like him or not, Jeremy Clarkson is a car guy that fancies some of the most insane cars ever built, with comfort often taking a backseat to butt-clenching POWWWEERRR. This Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series is no exception, and you can now buy it for way, way less than what Top Gear's ex-presenter paid. » 3/25/15 3:16pm Wednesday 3:16pm

Is This Ridiculously Cheap V10 BMW M5 Worth Returning To Stock?

Cars can reflect one's individuality as much as any article of clothing, musical taste, or sense of humor. But some people, no matter what, will think the funniest comic alive is Carlos Mencia - the same type of person who put this awesome BMW M5 on chrome dubs with subs in the back. Though at this price, it might… » 3/18/15 8:20pm 3/18/15 8:20pm

Holy Hell, This Gorgeous Black Ferrari Is The Price Of A Used Mustang

Status. Exclusivity. Passion. These are all things that you'd find plastered on a cheesy motivational poster in a sub-par insurance agency, and they're also the stand-out qualities of this iconic Ferrari 348 ts, which can now be yours for the price of a lightly used Ford Mustang GT Convertible. Can you even? Because… » 3/15/15 5:05pm 3/15/15 5:05pm

Is This Dirt Cheap Jaguar XF Supercharged Worth The Work It Needs? 

Some people aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and know a bargain when they see one. For those smart penny and pound-conscious individuals, I present you with this 2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged that needs a little bit of work, with a metric ton of reward. Weekend warriors unite! » 3/12/15 8:24pm 3/12/15 8:24pm

You Can Buy This Supercharged Aston Martin For The Price Of A Miata

Aston Martin has churned out some of the sexiest cars on the planet for the better part of a century, and barring some more modern examples, this gorgeous DB7 is the one that solidified Aston's place in the exotic supercar hall of fame. All this fancypants #swag can be yours for the price of a base model Mazda Miata. » 3/11/15 8:43pm 3/11/15 8:43pm

You Can Buy The Only Example Of GTA V's Banshee In Existence (Again)

What happens when a game gets so popular that the company that created it wants to make a life-sized replica of one of its most iconic cars? It gets built by West Coast Customs, given to a middle-aged mom, then put on eBay. Twice. And you can now buy it, proving that lightning doesn't just strike once. » 3/08/15 3:01pm 3/08/15 3:01pm

Does This Super Cheap Porsche 911 Turbo Deserve A Second Chance? 

In my life, I've always wanted to come across a rare abandoned gem on the side of the road, with a sign that says " If you can fix'er, you can keep'er". So far, this fantasy hasn't come to fruition, but this fixer-upper Porsche 996 Turbo is as close as anyone's going to realistically get. Can it be saved from its… » 3/08/15 12:30pm 3/08/15 12:30pm

You Can Buy This Freaking Porsche 997 For The Price Of A Ford Focus ST

Remember the feeling you got on your birthday as a child, unwrapping gifts and having everyone sing your praises? Now imagine that you can harness that sense of pure joy and call upon it every time you step into your garage. This amazing Porsche 911 is exactly that - your best childhood birthday, from concentrate. » 3/01/15 6:31pm 3/01/15 6:31pm

Why Buy A Jaguar F-Type When You Can Get This V12 Ferrari 550 For Less?

In life, the chances to truly make your dreams come true are few and far between. That's why, when faced with a decision as to what luxury sports coupe to get with your hard-earned dollar, you need to aim high. Ladies and gents, here's a Ferrari 550 Maranello in amazing shape, and at $49,995, it's way less than the… » 2/24/15 4:00pm 2/24/15 4:00pm

You Can Buy A Rolls Royce Phantom For $400,000 Off Its Original Price

David Beckham. Jennifer Lopez. Simon Cowell. These are just some of the members in one of the most exclusive, star-studded organizations you can ever join - The Rolls Royce Phantom Owners Club. Fortunately, entry to this club is no longer reserved for the mega-rich, as you can buy one for nearly a half-million… » 2/22/15 1:04pm 2/22/15 1:04pm

You Can Buy A 604-HP Mercedes S65 AMG For The Price Of A Ford Taurus

Let me explain how power in a car works. Think of torque as the work being done, and horsepower as the rate at which that work is applied. Simply put, torque is the force that gets the car moving. How much torque does this insane Mercedes S-Class have? Way more than a Challenger Hellcat, at the price of a mid-range… » 2/15/15 11:33am 2/15/15 11:33am

You Can Buy The First And Last Naturally Aspirated M3 Convertibles

The M3 convertible is sort of an odd-duck; people either love them or hate them. You either revel in their open-top goodness or rail against the excess weight and reduced stability. For those of you in the first camp, now is your chance to get an original E30 M3 and an E93 M3 in one shot. » 2/09/15 10:32am 2/09/15 10:32am

This Cheap Jensen Interceptor Is The Coolest '70s Car You Can Buy

If 1970s car culture had a face, it would be the Jensen Interceptor. It was the quintessential car for the mustachioed, bell-bottomed man looking for fun in all the wrong places. Recently, the prices for these iconic cruisers have skyrocketed, except for this '74 Series III, which does need work, but it'll be so » 2/08/15 11:05am 2/08/15 11:05am

You Can Buy This Stunning Aston Martin DB9 For The Price Of A Used SUV

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the most beautiful cars ever made, for any price. Every single angle absolutely oozes an unmistakable sense of style, with a sprinkling of brute force to keep things interesting. All this universal appeal can be had for less than the price of a used, moderately-equipped SUV. … » 2/06/15 4:49pm 2/06/15 4:49pm

Why Buy A Ford F150 When You Can Get A Mint SVT Raptor For Way Less?

Versatility is pretty important in today's modern automobile. For example - you want to head down to the mall to replace a pair of shoes that just started talking, but sitting in traffic sucks. Now you can buy an insanely affordable off-road Ford Raptor and drive it through the woods. If time is money, this is the… » 2/04/15 6:35pm 2/04/15 6:35pm

This Is The Cheapest MKIV Twin Turbo Toyota Supra You'll See All Month

In Pretty Woman, Vivian Ward had a checkered past that led her down some very dark alleys in life until she discovered someone that turned her life around. This MKIV Toyota Supra is exactly like that iconic character - you know it's been through some shit, but you just might be willing to take a chance on it. » 1/28/15 7:35pm 1/28/15 7:35pm

You Can Save This Extremely Cheap Citroën DS From Rusting In The Woods

When is it justifiable to leave a rare French classic practically abandoned in the woods to rot? The answer is how dare you. This absolutely lovely 1968 Citroën DS is one of the most beautiful and comfortable cars ever built. Now it stands as a project that you can have, for less than a month's worth of work at… » 1/24/15 1:00pm 1/24/15 1:00pm