Think The Mazda Miata Is A Good Deal? Try This 500-HP Dodge Viper Instead

We all love to dream. It’s what keeps us getting up at the crack of dammit and working until we’re too old to care. However, some dreams—like owning a 500 horsepower iconic American supercar—are delightfully within reach. If you think the Mazda Miata is good weekend car for the money, get a load of this.


Why Buy A Regular-Ass Chevy Camaro When This 510-HP Jaguar Is Way Cheaper? 

Back in the good ol’ days, one could see a luxury coupe driving down the street and everyone not in that car would feel a sense of envy, also known scientifically as the jelly monster. Well, as it stands now, you can buy this Jaguar XKR—one of the best looking, sounding and performing luxury convertibles ever made—for…

Someone Please Save This Stupid Cheap Aston Martin DB9 Before I Do

I’m not sure what happens to a person’s brain when they purchase a supercar, but it seems to be a bit overwhelming for some individuals and they start to lose their grip on reality, as evidenced by this haggard and needy Aston Martin DB9. It may need a bit of everything, but here’s how you can do it on a budget, if…

This Cheap, Rare JDM Mazda Will Make You Forget All About The Skyline GT-R

When I see celebrity mansions with garages filled with new supercars, my enthusiasm fades a bit, because those are the obvious car choices for rich people. However, a truly unique car to own has to have such rarity that it’ll beg a double-take from anyone in its vicinity, regardless of status. A car like this Mazda…

You Can Buy This Insane Shelby Cobra For The Price Of A Hateful Minivan

A roadster designed in the ‘60s with huge American engine used to be a rich person’s plaything - a fourth or fifth car to round out that empty space in their 10-car garage. However, this Backdraft Cobra replica represents so much more, since it’s within reach of the everyman’s bank account, not to mention faster than…

You Can Buy The Best BMW M3 Ever Made For Less Than The Price Of A Ford Fusion 

Whether we like it or not, cars are becoming faster and harder to handle without computer intervention butting in more times than an in-law at a cheap wedding. That’s why it’s a breath of fresh air to know that focused driver’s cars like this spectacular BMW E90 M3 are still within the budget of most reasonable car…

How You Can Own A Reliable 400-HP Porsche 911 For The Price Of A Used Scion

A Porsche 911 is a performance yardstick and has been since its inception. Its boxer engine is a marvel of engineering, even if it’s a bit high strung and expensive to repair when things go wrong. Having said that, here’s how to make a junker Porsche 911 into a world-beater with none of the expensive drawbacks.

The 600-HP Mercedes S65 AMG Is Officially Cheaper Than Your Boring-Ass Econobox

When shopping for technology, we often get the most advanced gadgets that our wallets can sustain. It’s the reason why, by trickle-down effect, we have Ultra-HD Wifi-enabled toilets, for no money at all. It’s the same reason why this 600 horsepower Mercedes S-Class now costs less than a Ford Fiesta, despite being the…

Here's How You Can Buy A 500 HP Dodge Viper For The Price Of A Used Hyundai

In the vast and often unforgiving used car market, there are three prices that matter - initial cost, ownership cost, and most importantly, sweat equity. That’s why today, I present you with this bonkers Dodge Viper that you can buy for the price of a depreciated Korean economy car, but only if you’re willing to get…

Holy Hell, The 500-HP BMW M5 Is Officially Cheaper Than A Honda Civic

There are two actions that people perform when they see a great deal in front of them: The first is to check if it’s real. The second is to make a mad sprinting dash to get it before anyone else can get their grubby mitts on it. In the case of this awesome BMW M5, you better get your shovin’ hand ready for some action.

The Maserati GranTurismo Is The Sexiest Car You Can Afford (Yes, Even You!)

Some may see an exotic car driving down the road and say “In another life perhaps” as a single tear rolls down your cheek. Well, fret no more, as I’m here to save you from your boring-ass car decisions. The Maserati GranTurismo is stupid cheap, and you can afford it, if you follow my advice.

If You Stop Drinking Coffee For A Year You Can Afford This Toyota Supra Turbo

Project cars are always fun - and as much as I like the dust-off-and-drive-it barn find, I enjoy the clearly neglected basket cases more. Cars like this unloved Toyota Supra Turbo make the art of fixing up a car a joy, if only for the fact that even a turd can shine like diamond with enough elbow grease.

This Lamborghini Gallardo Looks Freaking Amazing. Fight Me. 

Buying cars on a budget is tough. You have to account for what you can afford, how practical it is and whether or not it’ll blow up on your way to work. Having said that, this Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t any of those things and it’s simply spectacular in every way. If you disagree, we can take it outside.

eBay Challenge: The Cheapest Porsche 911s You Can Buy

Who can say no to a rear-engined, rear wheel drive German car that’s made only to make you experience the thrill of driving? No one, that’s who. That’s why this week, your task is to find the cheapest Porsche 911s you can buy, regardless of year, and there’s no budget cap - but be reasonable. Ferdinand wouldn’t have…