This Is The 2015 Force India VJM08 (Which Might Finally Show Up To Test)

If this Formula One car looks familiar, well, it sure looks a lot like the leaked render we saw ten days ago. Regardless, it's official this time: this is the new Force India VJM08 race car. Force India is the only team who hasn't gotten test time in their new car for 2015, and now they will be late with it to… » 2/25/15 9:00am 2/25/15 9:00am

Force India Will Test At Barcelona, But Won't Bring Its 2015 Car Yet

Twitter user Jose Manuel Salazar claims that this render of a Formula One race car is, in fact, Force India's 2015 VJM08 car. Is he right, though? We'll find out with the start of the season. While Force India will be letting Pascal Weirlein test their car at Barcelona, it will be in their 2014 VJM07 instead. » 2/15/15 1:36pm 2/15/15 1:36pm

This Is The 2015 Sahara Force India Formula One Livery (And Nose?)

2015 will be the year of the "thumb nose" per the teams' new interpretation of the FIA's crash structure rules. Oh, and Force India, I am disappoint. This is their 2015 livery, and gone are the unique green accents that set it apart from all the other black and silver cars on the grid. » 1/21/15 10:45am 1/21/15 10:45am

Force India surprised everyone by becoming the first F1 team to show a picture of its 2014 car this morning. The car has the new low nose and a primarily black livery after years of white. Look for it on track at the first F1 test at Jerez next week. » 1/22/14 10:15am 1/22/14 10:15am

This F1 Driver Totally Cut A Dude In The Neck With A Champagne Glass

Just a reminder, Adrian Sutil, returning F1 driver for Force India, was found guilty of cutting a man in the neck with a broken champagne glass. » 3/01/13 3:43pm 3/01/13 3:43pm

Ferrari's 2012 F1 Car Is An Ugly Fast Duckling

Caving to the wave of backlash over its now-aborted five-seater prototype, Ferrari has hastily redesigned its F1 car overnight, resulting in this ugly little duckling, the F2012. Force India unveiled its own duck-billed racecar as well. Click through for in-depth details on these machines. » 2/03/12 1:30pm 2/03/12 1:30pm

Formula 1 cars made entirely out of light

The artists behind the light graffiti cars are back with a few of this season's F1 cars photographed at the British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton surely couldn't wreck a car made of light. » 7/13/11 1:30pm 7/13/11 1:30pm

The 2011 Australian Grand Prix in Crayola

After a winter off-season extended by the cancellation of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula One finally returned on a windy autumn afternoon in Melbourne. Four months without a Grand Prix, it would have been a fun race even if it weren’t fun. But it was fun. Warning: spoilers. » 3/28/11 4:00pm 3/28/11 4:00pm

The 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix

With a rash of new teams, an unretired Michael Schumacher, and a very balanced field, the 61st season of Formula One has kicked off in the sands of Arabia. Spoilers below. » 3/15/10 1:00pm 3/15/10 1:00pm

2009 Japanese Grand Prix: A Jolly Good Race

With the wacky 2009 championship down to its antepenultimate race at Suzuka Circuit, Jenson Button’s eroding cushion of points was looking increasingly fragile. Rubens Barrichello and Sebastian Vettel smelled blood. Spoilers, shmoilers! » 10/05/09 3:20pm 10/05/09 3:20pm

2009 Belgian Grand Prix: A Mega-Gallery of Supreme Wackiness

An unusual Formula One season on an unusual track should produce the usual results, right? Maybe not—and definitely not at Spa. Potential spoilers in the crashgasmic gallery below. » 8/31/09 4:30pm 8/31/09 4:30pm

Sir Frank Williams: "I just love racing, I love speed. I love the…

Published hours before his team became one of only two to enter next year’s world championship, Brad Spurgeon’s interview with the F1 veteran is a touching portrait of a man who lives and breathes racing. » 6/19/09 8:30am 6/19/09 8:30am

2009 Spanish Grand Prix: A Great Battle of Strategy

Whispers of team orders clouds a brainy race in Barcelona, where most of the action happened in the pits and in the tactical computers. Warning: spoilers below. » 5/11/09 3:00pm 5/11/09 3:00pm