Backyard Lambo Of The Day: The Redding Fieroborghini Murcielago!

I found so many backyard-built Fauxborghinis while trying to find a suitable opponent for the '72 Stutz Blackhawk in last Friday's PCH that it seems a shame not to share some of the better ones with our readers (no, I'm not going to do a whole week of Fauxborghini PCH challenges). Hence this new (and no doubt… » 12/01/08 5:30pm 12/01/08 5:30pm

Your Chance To Own A Canadian Fiero Classic: Enterra Vipre!

Forget about all those backyard Fiero hack jobs, your Fieroborghinis and your Fierraris. Really, forget 'em! You can now own a genuine Canadian-government-backed 1986 Enterra Vipre, which is currently getting some solid eBay bid action. The Enterra Vipre was based on the '86 Fiero GT chassis, so you get the mighty… » 6/24/08 7:00am 6/24/08 7:00am

When A Regular Fierrari Is Just Not Enough: Fierrari Limo!

The Fiero Ferrari we saw recently was pretty nice, all right, and there's no denying the appeal of a Fieroborghini or the Fierenzo. But if you crave a Fiero-based Italian supercar, yet also need the VCR and mirrored ceiling of a limo... well, today is your lucky day! We've found this fine Fierrari that's been… » 3/13/08 8:00am 3/13/08 8:00am

Fieroborghini, With Bonus Kit Car Identification Poll

Even though only 11% of you chose the If only they'd put Lamborghini bodies on them at the factory poll choice in Friday's DOTS Fiero poll, I feel compelled to share this fine example of a "Lamborghini Countach" that I spotted in the island's East End last week. Sure, the fit and finish isn't quite up to Yugo… » 1/29/08 9:30am 1/29/08 9:30am