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I found so many backyard-built Fauxborghinis while trying to find a suitable opponent for the '72 Stutz Blackhawk in last Friday's PCH that it seems a shame not to share some of the better ones with our readers (no, I'm not going to do a whole week of Fauxborghini PCH challenges). Hence this new (and no doubt short-lived) series: Backyard Lambo Of The Day! Today's BLOTD hails from the woods of Northern California, where the availability of good cheap beer from the nearby Sierra Nevada brewery seems to make a keyboard's CAPS LOCK key incredibly alluring. I can't slog through the entire description without getting a terrible headache, but I've gleaned sufficient info to say that we've got a mean-looking Murcielago replica on a stretched frame, with a stroked V6 sitting next to it. The seller was going to finish the project and sell it for $85,000, but he or she lacks the time and garage space to finish the project and that means it's priced at a mere 20 grand. Hmmm... you can get running BMW 750iLs for next to nothing these days- why not buy a cheap engine-donor car and build yourself a V12 Fieroborghini with this car?


[Craigslist Chico, go here if ad disappears]

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