Volkswagen To Formula One Rumors Go Nuts After Piëch's Resignation

Volkswagen is almost everywhere! They’re truly the People’s Race Car in some respects. They’re just not in Formula One. Rumors of a VAG-backed F1 effort pop up from time to time, most recently under the Audi brand. Now that supposedly anti-Ecclestone chairman Ferdinand Piëch is out, will we see VW in F1?


Testing The Waters: Porsche Underbids On VW, All Your German Automakers Are Belong to Ferdinand Piech?

Ok, at the moment Porsche isn't buying Volkswagen. I know there's all this talk everywhere on the Bruce-tastic Teutonic knights taking a larger stake in the automaker representing Deutschland, but an outright purchase is just not happening — yet. How do we know? Here's why. The shares of V-Dub are currently trading at…