O Canada! Snappy Dispatch On VW-Porsche Marriage From Our Neighbor To…

Here's nice piece of car-business analysis, from north of the border. Volkswagen wants to take another crack at the North American market, and according to biz writer Eric Reguly of The Globe and Mail, VW might be able to pull it off, despite some major hurdles. However, when it comes to the larger goal of knocking… » 3/14/08 7:00pm 3/14/08 7:00pm

The Back of Beyond: Volkswagen's New Rear-Engined Ride

Seeing as how the ultralux Phaeton didn't work out so hot, the People's Car Company is going to release a new car for – get this – the people. And this new car will have its motivator right where Dr. Porsche intended — in the bum. The versatile wordsmiths at Automobile are claiming a mole buried "deep inside" VeeDub… » 5/09/07 2:00pm 5/09/07 2:00pm

Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: Volkswagen Phaeton W12

Yes, the Phaeton. Like everyone else, when I first heard Volkswagen would be producing a $100,000 car, I was aghast. Was this the same Volkswagen that built my friend Tristy's Scirocco? Aside from constantly belching black smoke, that car's passenger seat would snap off its runners on every left turn. Six figures for… » 4/24/07 11:00am 4/24/07 11:00am

Testing The Waters: Porsche Underbids On VW, All Your German Automakers…

Ok, at the moment Porsche isn't buying Volkswagen. I know there's all this talk everywhere on the Bruce-tastic Teutonic knights taking a larger stake in the automaker representing Deutschland, but an outright purchase is just not happening — yet. How do we know? Here's why. The shares of V-Dub are currently trading at… » 3/30/07 1:30pm 3/30/07 1:30pm

It's Expected, He's Gone: Bernhard No Longer to Represent Vee Dub

Shock of shocks! After being passed over for the HMIC/Lord of All He Surveys at Volkswagen in favor of Herr Doktor Martin "Your vife, my vife" Winterkorn, it looks more and more like Wolfgang Bernhard will be bailing on the boys from Wolfsburg, making him a prime candidate to replace Tom LaSorda at Chrysler. However,… » 12/29/06 6:15pm 12/29/06 6:15pm