This drill dug the world's longest oil well

On the outer edges of east Russia stands a monument to human ingenuity and thirst for oil. Underneath the blue building pictured above is the world's longest oil well, running 7.67 miles below the surface, finished in only 60 days. » 2/04/11 11:00am 2/04/11 11:00am

Lewis Hamilton Portrait Painted With Motor Oil From His F1 Car

Parsons graduate David Macaluso proves there's other ways to depict motorsports than with crayons: he painted his corporate-commissioned portrait of Lewis Hamilton with the very oil from Hamilton's McLaren he drove to a 2008 F1 title. » 6/08/09 9:30am 6/08/09 9:30am

ExxonMobil Posts Largest Profit In US History, Makes $1,865.69 A Second

ExxonMobil has announced third-quarter profits of $14.83 billion, the largest profit ever recorded in US history » 10/30/08 12:00pm 10/30/08 12:00pm. That number is up from the company's last record profit — in the second quarter — of only $11.68 billion. Let's put this into perspective; ExxonMobil could buy every ever built, every 38 hours, and they'd…

VW Passes Exxon As World's Largest Company By Market Cap

A massive stock price surge in shares of Volkswagen after Porsche's weekend news they'd be snagging a 75% share of the automaker, has briefly allowed VW to stake the claim as the world's largest company by market capitalization, passing oil giant Exxon Mobil. Volkswagen continued to climb Tuesday as short sellers… » 10/28/08 9:15am 10/28/08 9:15am

Commenter Of The Day: The ExxonMobil Shell Game Edition

In all the furor over gas prices, a popular punching bag is ExxonMobil, which made something along the lines of $90,000 per minute, the highest corporate profit ever. It's interesting to note that this is actually less than what the market predicted the company to make and that the company's stock is dipping. The… » 8/08/08 5:40pm 8/08/08 5:40pm

GM "Breaks Up" With Big Oil; Booty Calls, Beatings Likely To Continue

McCann-Erickson, the agency that brought you such Buick tag lines as "Dream Up" and "Beyond Precision," has decided GM needs to put its foot down and end its self-abusive, codependent-yet-carnally-thrilling relationship with Big Oil. A new campaign will debut on June 22, when the General will present a "Dear Oil"… » 6/11/08 9:20am 6/11/08 9:20am

ExxonMobil Releases Third Quarter Earnings, Down To Second-Largest…

The titan that is the world's largest publicly traded oil corporation on revenue, spoke from high atop an oil well this morning, delivering their quarterly earnings for the third quarter of 2006. And oh what a profit ExxonMobil had — the company reported the second largest profit by a publicly-traded corporation ever… » 10/26/06 11:29am 10/26/06 11:29am

The Jalopnik Morning Shift

• Bad News — gas prices can affect auto sales. Good News — GM upgraded by Merrill Lynch [Freep]
• Safety Cars are confusing. []
• What? Are Cobo and Javits already taken? [Inside Bay Area]
• Burned body in car? Sad. Burned body in car in watermelon patch? Funny. [The Monitor]
• Just blow, baby — yeah, like… » 4/27/06 10:30am 4/27/06 10:30am