How Can Ethanol Fly In America If It Negatively Affects Bacon?

I've stopped going to Subway and my quality of life has improved. It used to be convenient, but it was terrible. Nothing grew more irritating than standing in line with a bunch of exhausted looking people waiting for a sandwich assembled with such disinterest. And once you'd picked your bread, someone would ask me,… »11/12/13 5:00pm11/12/13 5:00pm

80 MPG 400 HP '87 Mustang X Prize Contestant Heading To SEMA

When Doug Pelmear and his notchback Ford Mustang nearly broke the internet with his claims of some magical engine tinkering returning 110 MPGe (80 MPG) — while making 400 HP — we were skeptical to say the least. That "MPGe" figure is there because the car runs on ethanol, so the extra "e" on the end signifies the… »10/30/08 10:30am10/30/08 10:30am

E85 Gas Pumps Pass 1,800 Mark, Still Can't Find One In Sarah Palin's Alaska

A new report shows the number of E85 ethanol »10/14/08 11:00am10/14/08 11:00am pumps in the U.S. has grown nearly 28% in the past year, surpassing the 1,800 mark with 1,693 available for public use. The states with the most E85 pumps are, as you'd expect, in the corn belt, including Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. Just don't expect to find them in…

Ethanol In Gasoline Reportedly Wreaking Havoc On Small Engines

If you've been having trouble with your small gasoline power equipment lately, MSNBC reports that you're not alone: Small-engine mechanics nationwide are seeing a spike in engine damage they claim is attributable to the increasing use of ethanol »8/29/08 3:00pm8/29/08 3:00pm in gasoline. We're not talking about E85 here either; apparently, it's…