Cornzilla Returns! Switzer Blasts TX2K w/ Revised 2014 E900 PKG

Switzer Performance released the new-for-2014 E900 flex-fuel package for Nissan's R35 GTR earlier this month, and the new, more powerful E900 GTR got its first trial by fire at TX2K14 last weekend. » 3/29/14 1:49pm 3/29/14 1:49pm

Companies Are Racing To Sell Cars In Iran

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place at 9:30 AM. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 11/27/13 9:30am 11/27/13 9:30am

How Can Ethanol Fly In America If It Negatively Affects Bacon?

I've stopped going to Subway and my quality of life has improved. It used to be convenient, but it was terrible. Nothing grew more irritating than standing in line with a bunch of exhausted looking people waiting for a sandwich assembled with such disinterest. And once you'd picked your bread, someone would ask me,… » 11/12/13 5:00pm 11/12/13 5:00pm

Is Ethanol Just A Well-Marketed Disaster?

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place at 9:30 AM. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 11/12/13 9:30am 11/12/13 9:30am

How To Make Someone Feel Bad For Being Number #1

Welcome to Must Read, where we single out the best stories from around the automotive universe and beyond. Today we've got reports from Slate, TechnologyReview, and Bloomberg. » 8/12/13 6:02pm 8/12/13 6:02pm

The White House May Waive The EPA's Ethanol Requirement

The news isn't official yet, but MSNBC's Chuck Todd tweeted an hour ago that the White House hinted that because of this summer's drought, it's considering waiving the ethanol production requirements the Environmental Protection Agency imposes on corn growers. » 8/10/12 2:40pm 8/10/12 2:40pm

This 875-Horsepower Ferrari FF Runs On Corn Gas

For less than $2K you can convert your Ferrari FF to run on E85, raising the pathetic 650 stock horsepower to a more respectable 875 hp. On top of that, you'll apparently cut emissions by 80%. It's the "green" grand touring supercar. » 1/16/12 12:30pm 1/16/12 12:30pm

U.S. House votes to block approval of E15

The bill in the U.S. House to bar the EPA from spending any money to bring 15% ethanol fuel to your corner Exxon passed 286-135. Now the bill has to survive the presidential aspirations of any senators. » 2/21/11 2:30pm 2/21/11 2:30pm

Ethanol train explosion seen for 20 miles

A train pulling tankers full of ethanol derailed and exploded in rural Ohio this weekend, sending up a fireball that could be seen 20 miles away. No one was hurt, but the train's conductor is probably never using E85 again. » 2/07/11 2:30pm 2/07/11 2:30pm

Discarded Four Loko Will Soon Power You Car

Four Loko and other alcohol-infused energy drinks may be too dangerous for human stomachs, but they work just fine in your fuel tank — thanks to a Virginia company recycling them into ethanol for gasoline. » 1/06/11 4:00pm 1/06/11 4:00pm

The Greenwashing Of NASCAR

Ethanol producers are now in bed with NASCAR, turning America's most popular motorsport into a tool of greenwashing persuasion designed to make being pro-ethanol synonymous with being pro-American, pro-NASCAR. Here's The Daly Planet to explain. — Ed. » 12/27/10 2:00pm 12/27/10 2:00pm

Why You Shouldn't Buy Gas From Costco: Reason #3267

Customers of a New York Costco think their vehicles were erroneously filled with E85 ethanol fuel mislabeled as 93 octane. Costco says it's bad gas, not E85, but is still paying to repair damaged cars. [WCBS via Consumerist] » 5/14/10 3:30pm 5/14/10 3:30pm

$283,000 Quad Bike Powered By 500 HP Turbocharged BMW V12

And you thought the STI-ATV was crazy. Cramming a BMW V12 and a turbocharger into a quad bike wasn't enough for French bike builder Ludovic Lazareth, he needed more power, so he added ethanol. » 8/13/09 10:00am 8/13/09 10:00am

Lotus Completes Omnivore Engine, Feeds It Alcohol

Talk fuel efficiency and words like "direct injection," "flex-fuel" and "variable compression ratio" are common. But they aren't usually combined with "two-stroke." Unless you're Lotus that is. » 2/26/09 1:00pm 2/26/09 1:00pm

Queen Converts Bentleys To Biofuels

The Queen is going green, converting her two custom $15 million Bentley Limos to run on bio-ethanol, preempting an effort by Bentley to do the same for its entire fleet. » 1/02/09 10:30am 1/02/09 10:30am

80 MPG 400 HP '87 Mustang X Prize Contestant Heading To SEMA

When Doug Pelmear and his notchback Ford Mustang nearly broke the internet with his claims of some magical engine tinkering returning 110 MPGe (80 MPG) — while making 400 HP — we were skeptical to say the least. That "MPGe" figure is there because the car runs on ethanol, so the extra "e" on the end signifies the… » 10/30/08 10:30am 10/30/08 10:30am

E85 Gas Pumps Pass 1,800 Mark, Still Can't Find One In Sarah Palin's…

A new report shows the number of E85 ethanol » 10/14/08 11:00am 10/14/08 11:00am pumps in the U.S. has grown nearly 28% in the past year, surpassing the 1,800 mark with 1,693 available for public use. The states with the most E85 pumps are, as you'd expect, in the corn belt, including Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. Just don't expect to find them in…

Ethanol In Gasoline Reportedly Wreaking Havoc On Small Engines

If you've been having trouble with your small gasoline power equipment lately, MSNBC reports that you're not alone: Small-engine mechanics nationwide are seeing a spike in engine damage they claim is attributable to the increasing use of ethanol » 8/29/08 3:00pm 8/29/08 3:00pm in gasoline. We're not talking about E85 here either; apparently, it's…

SwiftFuel Is Just Like Fuel, Except Probably Full Of Crap

Today brought us news of a purported new solution to high gas prices: SwiftFuel. Currently intended as a replacement for leaded 100-octane aviation fuel, SwiftFuel claims to be ethanol-based, but somehow free from ethanol's negatives such as its lower energy density, incompatibility with gasoline, and propensity to… » 6/12/08 4:40pm 6/12/08 4:40pm