The Steel Vehicle Group Sent A Sort Of Misleading Earth Day Tweet

First, let me just make this clear: I like steel in cars. I can weld steel very very poorly, and I can’t even begin to work with aluminum. So that’s a plus. But, aluminum is great for cars, and aluminum is more abundant than iron in the Earth’s crust. But FutureSteelVehicle wouldn’t agree. » 4/22/15 9:00pm 4/22/15 9:00pm

Saturn Vue Green Line: Cost-Cutting With Purpose?

The General may have found a way for "design by cost" to be a help instead of a hindrance. To top it off, it may even be environmentally-friendly. Holy Earth Day, readers! According to CNN/Money, the new Saturn Vue Green Line may have skimped on costs, but taking the competition's prices into account, it may give the… » 4/22/06 7:08pm 4/22/06 7:08pm